Rainfall Week in Anime: October 30 – November 5

Rainfall Week in Anime: October 30 – November 5

We here at oprainfall don’t just love video games: we’re also big fans of anime. So to celebrate the medium, we’re here to give you our thoughts on what we’ve seen each week as we watch it. Old, new – anything goes.

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Do it yourself!!

Do it yourself |  oprainfall anime

I’ve never really been a cute girls doing cute things anime fan, but I really enjoyed some of the animation clips I watched from Do it yourself!! and decided to try. It’s an interesting enough premise: Serufu is an accident-prone klutz who attends an all-girls vocational school, but wants to reconnect with her childhood best friend, Purin, who attends a super elite high school next door. Serufu decides to join the DIY Club to recreate a bench she and Purin once played on as children. Despite her constant failures and injuries, Serufu continues with the help of club president Yasaku. Along the way, she makes a new friend in class, the bookworm Hikage, who has never had friends or been invited to participate in any activities. I’ve only seen a couple of episodes, but they’re what I’d call “comfy”. The animation is super fluid and detailed when it comes down to the actual DIY segments, and the character designs are incredibly charming. I’m not sure this is something I’ll necessarily follow, but if you really like cool stories about the power of friendship, you can’t go wrong here. – Leah

– You can watch Do it yourself!! on Crunchyroll.

Akiba Maid War

When they realize they don’t get much business or do a lot of maid-like things, an event is planned for the cafe. They decide to hold a birthday event, with the closest Ranko. Apparently no one cares about her birthday, and Nagomi and Ranko seek help from an attached cafe. Things don’t go well there and trouble begins. We see that the other maids tried to hide their efforts for the birthday and are alerted by a certain panda about the two. Ranko does most of the fighting, so it was good to see the others show they can be just as willing, even if a lot of it is off-screen. We hear a bit more about Ranko’s past and how she appreciates Nagomi and the others. Things end on what could be a lead up to their next problem. That said, it was nice to hear another song from the maids, although I didn’t expect it to be Ranko doing it. It was a pleasant surprise. – Walter

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– You can watch Akiba Maid War on HIDIVE.

Mob Psycho 100 III

Mob Psycho 100 |  oprainfall anime

Mob finally confronts Dimple inside the Divine Tree, though he has to go through Teru first. Despite not being brainwashed, Teru tries to stop Mob from destroying the broccoli, claiming that violence is not the answer to solving his problems with Dimple. For his part, Dimple claims that bringing happiness to people, regardless of his method, is a net positive for the world. After all, he hasn’t changed anyone’s personalities: Reigen and Ritsu and everyone else will still treat Mob the same way they always have, they also happen to worship Psycho Helmet. Dimple offers Mob a place by her side as the true founder of the cult, but Mob won’t have it. He wants his friends and family to go back to how they were, with the ability to make their own decisions about life. The two come to blows, but not until after Dimple steals most of Mob’s power – or so he thinks. Of all the confrontations this series has thrown at us, this is by far the most emotionally invested in. Even though he knew Dimple has been a con from the beginning, he’s also always shown genuine concern for Mob, so he watches their friendship. on the brink of destruction is frankly very sad. I’m crossing my fingers for a positive solution, but I’m also preparing for the worst to come next week. – Leah

– You can watch Mob Psycho 100 on Crunchyroll.

Bocchi The Rock!

I managed to catch up on the last few episodes this week. I like this series more and more. Bocchi and the others fill out their band with someone who ends up being the guitarist/vocalist who previously quit, though she ends up needing more help learning to play. We also get to see the dynamics with the different members of the band, such as when Ryo advises Bocchi on lyrics. Bocchi may be an overly introverted character, but many of her concerns are relatable. The thoughts she has are quite humorous, such as the attention-whore monster. I like the art style of the show, mainly with how it changes with Bocchi when certain events happen. This will probably end up being one of my favorites this season. – Walter

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– You can watch Bocchi the Rock! on Crunchyroll.

Urusei Yatsura

Urusei Yatsura |  oprainfall anime

Ataru and company accidentally uncover the alien princess Kurama, after which her tengu-looking servants ask Mendo to wake her up with a kiss. He’s just her type, you see, and tradition dictates that the princess must participate in a “loving congress” with the man who kisses her. Too bad for her Ataru is actually the one who kissed her awake, although her servants are loathe to divulge that truth. Lum isn’t too keen on it either, and they conspire to keep it a secret, so Kurama and Mendo pair up instead. Unfortunately, the elder does not want it and says they must stick to tradition. This was probably my favorite episode so far, and not just because of the subject matter. You can hear the voice cast having an absolute blast, especially Mendo, and it’s positively infectious. david production has also really bent the sense of color and style to the maximum this time, especially when Kurama finally gets Mendo alone in the “nest”. I love the pop art style the show uses. It gives it lots of character and charm. I look forward to this show every week and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. – Leah

– You can watch Urusei Yatsura on HIDIVE.

SPY x Family

SPY x Family |  oprainfall anime

We get another double-short episode this week. First it’s Yuri’s turn to tutor Anya for her upcoming exams. It goes about as you would expect. Yuri is always a fun character to be around and seeing him interact with the “gremlin” Anya was a treat. On the one hand, our favorite esper is Loid’s “daughter”, and Yuri can’t stand the “sister thief”. On the other hand, Anya treats Yor with love and reverence, and Yuri’s sister complex kicks into overdrive. His inner monologue was hilarious and my favorite part of the entire episode. He eventually storms off when his guidance amounts to nothing, but Anya takes the lesson to heart and applies herself to actually studying. Too bad it’s for the wrong topic. The second half of the episode follows Loid as he tries to break into the school to change Anya’s test scores to make sure she doesn’t flunk. Along the way, he meets another spy named Daybreak, who is an absolute jerk. Lloyd’s reactions are priceless throughout this sequence, and we get a lot more insight into exactly how seriously he takes his profession. Compared to last week’s vignette-style episode, this one was much stronger with plenty of comedic beats. It looks like we’ll be getting another set of mini-episodes next week as well, but at least one of them looks to feature Yor, so I’m excited. – Leah

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– You can watch SPY x Family on Crunchyroll.


Sawyer |  oprainfall anime

Just as Denji appears to be out of hot water after the Bat Devil’s defeat, he is ambushed by the Leech Devil, who rips off half his arm and eats it. After losing so much blood in the previous fight, Denji can’t transform into chainsaw man, but that doesn’t stop him from going toe-to-toe with leech to prove that his dream of touching Power’s tits is stronger than the demon’s dream of eating all men. Power watches helplessly from the sidelines, too weak to defend himself, but Hayakawa strolls in just in time to save the day. Because of his problems, he is forced to house Power in his apartment with Denji, and she is the worst roommate imaginable. Even Denji takes offense at her refusal to flush the toilet or eat her vegetables. Still, the fumbling offer is still on the table, so he’s not too surprised that she’s there. This cast continues to have amazing chemistry and I’m here for it. We also get hints of something bigger going on in the world and I’m curious to see exactly what Gun flesh means. – Leah

– You can watch Chainsawman on Crunchyroll.

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