Pokemon Ultimate Journeys leak reveals final episode of anime series

Pokemon Ultimate Journeys leak reveals final episode of anime series

Published: 2022-12-14T19:24:21

Updated: 2022-12-14T19:24:38

The Pokemon Ultimate Journeys anime has come to a close, and now the title for the final episode of the series has been leaked.

With the final arc of Pokemon Ultimate Journeys ending and Ash finally becoming a Pokemon Master, fans have been wondering how the anime will finally conclude.

Early preview material teased that the series may find a way to end both Goh and Ash’s adventure with a climactic battle against the legendary Pokémon they encountered at the start of their journey: Lugia.

Now, recent leaks seem to confirm that episode 136 of the Pokemon Journeys anime will indeed be the final episode, with the leaked Japanese title solidifying what’s to come for both main characters.

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Pokemon anime leak confirms series finale

Pokeaninew’s Twitter account tweeted that “December 16 is the 136th and final episode of Pokemon Journeys: The Series.” They also revealed that the episode title roughly translates to “Satoshi and Goh! Embark on a new journey!!”

The screenshots posted along with the tweet showed Ash and Goh leaving their room. In addition, the account shared a screenshot of a classic series finale message, which reads: “And to our own way.”

Based on the fact that no subsequent episodes have been revealed up to this point and previous leaks seemed to suggest that Goh and Ash would end their journey with a final encounter against Lugia, it seems almost certain that episode 136 is indeed the series finale.

Naturally, this worries some fans, as The Pokemon Company has released all official material for whatever the next Pokemon anime series will be. This, along with rumors that the development of the anime has been in jeopardy, has fans worried that this really is the end of the Pokémon anime.

However, it seems that there are still a handful of episodes that are still unconfirmed yet. Since episode 136 is apparently the series finale, some fans have wondered if these unannounced episodes are just specials.

“Thought so then these TBDs are probably specials like with what we got in XY & BW.” Others speculated whether the new episodes would be some kind of tease for the next series premiere. “Preview December 23rd [Scarlet & Violet] 1 episode maybe?” one Twitter user wondered.

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Of course, only time will tell what the Pokemon anime has in store for the future. However, assuming these leaks are accurate, it looks like the Pokemon Journeys series will finally end on December 16, 2022.

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