Pokemon fans mourn as Ash and Pikachu’s anime journey ends

Pokemon fans mourn as Ash and Pikachu’s anime journey ends

PokémonThe beloved duo Ash and Pikachu have been a constant in the lives of anime viewers, and their departure marks the end of an era – a fact that many fans are coming to terms with.

It’s been 25 years since Ash and Pikachu debuted, and for many fans, they grew up with the two. Seeing Ash finally crowned World Champion, after winning the Masters Eight tournament, was a moment that had fans around the world celebrating his achievement. It was also bittersweet as some fans thought this could mean the end of Ash’s journey. With Pokémonits announcement that Ash and Pikachu are indeed saying goodbye and stepping aside for the new main characters, fans have taken to social media to express their mixed feelings.

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As Ash and Pikachu have been “a constant part of the backdrop of [their] life ago [they were] 3 years old,” one user used the meme of the horse standing at the edge of the ocean staring out at the water to demonstrate the heavy emotions they were feeling. For other anime fans, Ash and Pikachu’s retirement is nothing new. , as another pointed out the Digimon fans also experienced the same as new characters replaced the original septuplet group. The franchise experienced a reboot in 2020, titled digimon adventure, where the group returned.

Two Twitter users resigned pokemonrelated memes. In honor of Ash’s journey ending, @MightyKeef raised a glass, “pour[ing] one out for the homie, Ash Ketchum.” The YouTuber/gamer later added a meme of Team Rocket member James shedding a tear with Team Rocket’s iconic catchphrase: “I was prepared for trouble – but not for this…,” showing that even the villains will miss the hero.

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Another Twitter user used a meme of a dog donning Ash’s red and white cap with the stylized green “L” stitched on the front. The sobbing dog, probably personifies each Pokémon fan, holding a pillow with Ash and Pikachu on it with a poster of the duo plastered on the wall.

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LittleKuriboh, known for creating the fan dub series Yu-Gi-Oh! The abridged series, also took to Twitter to voice his thoughts. With the introduction of the two new Pokémon the main characters, LittleKuriboh pointed out that some voice actors will see this as an opportunity for “potentially 25 years of steady work.” Veronica Taylor voiced the English dub for Ash from seasons 1 to 8, with Sarah Natochenny taking on the reins starting in season 9.

Things got a little darker with one fan. @/CartoonFan18 edited cartoonist Se Bang Now’s four-panel “Death and the Hound” cartoon, replacing it with Ash with a halo hovering overhead. In the edited image, Death tells Ash, “It’s time to go.” Ash asks Death, “Was I a good trainer?” with the grim reaper responding with, “No. You were the very best.”

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On December 16 Pokémon announced Ash’s story will end 11 episodes after his debut in the 1997 anime series. Ash’s friends from the original series, Misty and Brock, will return for one last time, fittingly ending his journey. The Pokemon master will pass the torch to Riko and Roy who will star in a new anime series based on Scarlett and Violet‘s Paldea region.

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The final chapter of Ash and Pikachu’s journey will begin airing in Japan on January 13, 2023.

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