Pokemon fans believe that the New Anime’s main character is Ash’s Kid

Pokemon fans believe that the New Anime’s main character is Ash’s Kid

You’ve read the title and you’re no doubt thinking, “But how could Ash have a child? He’s literally ten years old.” Well, there’s one theory that tries to explain that away – a time jump that introduces new anime protagonist Riko, who goes on her own adventure to follow in her father’s footsteps after Ash retires from the Pokemon anime to usher in this new the generation. And the smoking gun that so many use as evidence is her barrette.

It is the exact same shape and color as the logo on Ash’s cap, the small green triangle with the right side is missing. This has sparked Ash-Serena theories, and many have come to the conclusion that the two grew old together and had a child. Serena, if you haven’t seen the anime, is from the Kalos region, and travels with Ash during his adventures there. In the show, she has a crush on Ash, so of course fans started shipping the two.


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Others think it will be Ash and Misty’s child, given the blue in her hair (rather than her just dying it, which is more likely). It’s certainly possible that she’s Ash’s daughter, but we don’t have any details about the main characters yet, and the evidence of the haircuts can jump to conclusions. Alternatively, it could be an homage to Pokémon’s most famous trainer, in and out of universe, or it could be nothing more than the show symbolically passing the torch from one main character to another, with no in-universe meaning at all. The conversation is very reminiscent of speculation about Rey’s parentage from back in The Force Awakens days.

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There are even some who believe that Roy is Leon’s, Brock’s or Goh’s son and that he will travel with Ash’s daughter in what will essentially be a legacy show. The Star Wars comparison is apt, because this will ultimately lead to the same problem it has – shrinking an otherwise vast universe by focusing on one family. Not everyone has to be related. Anyway, that’s what many people think based on the little information we have to go by so far, and they may well be right.

Some even call this the “Shipping War,” betting on their favorite Ash pairings. There’s the aforementioned Serena and Misty, but even Gen 4’s Dawn is thrown into the mix.

It may be a while before we find out who she really is, if it has any bearing on her origins, but Ash’s journey is finally coming to an end on January 23, 2023, with 11 episodes in a special limited finale series.

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