Pokemon Anime’s new main characters explained

Pokemon Anime’s new main characters explained

The Pokemon anime is finally letting go of Ash and Pikachu, and it looks to replace them with two new characters, Liko and Roy.

In a shocking twist, the Pokemon Company has recently announced that Ash Ketchum and his iconic Pikachu will be leaving Pokemon anime after 25 long years. To Pokemon fans, this is pretty massive news, as Ash has always been the lead protagonist of the show, and his journey to become the best Pokemon trainer in the world has always been the very core of the show, driving the rest of the plot. Now, Pokemon is preparing to start anew, with two new protagonists and potentially a new region.


After 25 long seasons, Ash finally became the Pokémon World Champion just a few months ago, and now it seems he’s finally ready to bow out of the competition and let some new characters take center stage. While fans probably haven’t seen the last of Ash, two new main characters are set to take the spotlight. Named Liko and Roy, the new one Pokemon the series follows these protagonists as they fight and train in their home region of Paldea.

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Liko and Roy – Pokémon’s new protagonists

Liko and Roy Pokemon

Following the announcement that Ash Ketchum is leaving Pokemon anime, the Pokemon Company revealed that a brand new series of Pokemon would drop. Although the name has not been revealed, this new series will follow Liko and Roy, two young Pokémon trainers who are about to embark on their very own adventure. In the promotional art for the new series, Pokemon Scarlet and VioletThe starters can be seen, with Quaxly, Fuecoco and Sprigatito all surrounding the new protagonists.

The presence of these starter Pokémon suggests that this new Pokemon the series will be set in Paldea, where these particular starters are from. The Pokemon Company has not officially announced the region that the show will take place in, but it would make sense that it would tie into the last Pokemon game. Even when the show revolved around Ash, he often traveled to new regions to coincide with newer game releases, with some of the more recent seasons where the hero ventured to Pokemon Sword and ShieldGalar region.

Aside from their names and the three starter Pokémon, nothing else has been revealed about the new one Pokemon series, or its dual protagonists. Presumably, the general tone and story formula will remain largely the same, with both protagonists traveling together across the region to collect more Pokémon, meeting some friendly faces and putting an end to any organized crime along the way. It seems like a safe bet to assume that fans will get to meet some of them Pokemon Scarlet and Violetits most popular characters in the show, such as the Academy’s enigmatic director Clavell, biology teacher Jacq and professors Sada and Turo. It also seems likely that Liko and Roy will eventually have to face Paldea’s colorful Gym leaders, including the likes of Iono, Ryme and Larry.

Although these new main characters are sure to be a great addition to Pokemon mythos, those not ready to let go of Ash and his beloved Pokémon can say a final goodbye by watching Pokemon Ultimate Journeys series on Netflix. A handful of special episodes will be released for the series that tie up Ash’s story and hint at what the future may hold for the new master. In addition, fans will see the return of iconic characters such as Brock and Misty, as well as their familiar collection of Pokemon.

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