Pokemon Anime: Who is Serena?

Pokemon Anime: Who is Serena?

Of all the companions that Ash collects throughout his journey, Serena is among the most popular, in part because she embraces Pokémon competitions.

On Ash’s journey to become the best Pokemon Coach ever, he makes some friends. Some are forgettable, others are loathed by fans, and some have become absolute fan favorites. Serena falls into the third category. Her kind-hearted nature and sincere desire to be a great Pokémon practitioner make it hard not to like her, and she raises her cute Fennekin to become an amazing Delphox.

Through Serena, players are exposed to a different side of the game Pokemon world that does not involve violent fighting. Like many Pokémon fans, Serena embraces the sweet side of her team and the bond she forms with them. With the anime series heading in a new direction, fans are unlikely to see much of her again, although they can rest assured that she’s living the life she wants.


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Pokemon practitioner Serena

Serena Pokemon Anime

In the anime series, Serena is based on the female playable character in the Pokemon X and Y. In the anime, her mother is a famous Rhyhorn racer, but that’s not where her passions lie. After seeing Ash on TV, she travels to Lumiose City and they begin their new journey with Fennekin as her starter. Unlike most trainers, Serena doesn’t try to be a Pokémon champion. It takes her a while to find her calling, but she eventually figures out that she wants to be a Pokémon practitioner. Instead of fighting, Pokémon practitioners dress up with their Pokémon and participate in several activities that show their grace and bond.

Throughout the anime series, Serena participates in several Pokemon Showcases. Her first appearance is the Coumarine City Pokémon Showcase Rookie Class. She and Fennekin put on a good show, but when Fennekin trips over the bow, they lose to Shauna. She manages to pick up a few wins. For example, In Anistar City, she performs with Eevee and wins the showcase, and when she enters the Fleurhr Showcase Rookie Class, she gets another win with Braixen, Pancham and Sylveon. Eventually, she attends the Glooire Showcase Master Class where she hopes to truly prove her skills. Everything goes well until she reaches the finals where she goes up against Queen Aria. Despite trying her best, she is unable to defeat her.

Although Ash and Serena develop a close relationship during their time together, they eventually separate. Fortunately, Ash and Serena cross paths again. IN Pokemon journeys, Ash meets her again and learns that she has become a Pokemon Performer superstar in Hoenn. This is good news as it means she hasn’t stopped pursuing her passion.

Serena’s legacy

pokemon serena from xy and xyz

The fans have liked Serena. It’s not hard to see why, as she is a kind, hardworking girl who is loyal to her friends and Pokemon. She also shines a spotlight on Pokemon Showcases, which are another way trainers can interact with their team. Her popularity can be seen within Pokemon TCG, as cards depicting her are sought after and highly valuable. Her entire art card from Silver Tempest the set fetches around $54 online, making it an expensive card to add to any collection.

Although fans have fallen in love with certain Pokemon characters over the years, it looks like they may have to let go of these attachments going forward. After Ash’s championship win, it has been announced that he and Pikachu will be leaving the series and new main characters will be featured. With the anime taking a new direction, there’s no telling fan favorites like Serena will ever return.

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