Pokemon Anime Theory suggests that new character is Ash’s Daughter

Pokemon Anime Theory suggests that new character is Ash’s Daughter

The Pokemon anime is about to reach the end of an era as Ash Ketchum will no longer be the main character, but his replacement could be his daughter.

Some fans of Pokemon anime formulate a theory that one of the main characters in the new Pokemon series is actually the daughter of longtime franchise hero Ash Ketchum and his former traveling companion Serena. The Pokemon The anime series has aired for 25 years, producing hundreds of episodes of Ash and his friends catching Pokémon, battling, and traveling around the various regions that make up the Pokémon world.

Ash and Pikachu have become icons for Pokemon franchise, but it looks like that era is finally coming to an end. It was announced that Pokemon the anime series will conclude Ash’s journey with an 11-episode series that will air in 2023. After that, two new characters will begin their own Pokémon journey in the Paldea region, along with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet starter pokemon. These new characters were shown briefly in the announcement video, though details about their identities are still scarce as of this writing.


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The new Pokemon anime protagonists are a boy and a girl from the Paldea region. The girl has apparently chosen Sprigatito as her starting Pokemon. The boy can be seen standing near Fuecoco and Water-type starter Quaxly, though it’s unclear which one he chose to start and how the remaining Pokémon will fit into the equation. Although official information about these characters is not available at the moment, there is a fan theory that holds that the girl is actually the daughter of Ash Ketchum and Serena, as she shares features from the two and even has a green needle in her. hair that looks like the symbol on Ash’s hat.

It seems like Pokemon the anime deliberately makes the new female character look like a combination of Ash and Serena, but it’s possible that the similarities are just a coincidence. Ultimately, fans of Pokemon anime will have to tune into Ash’s final episodes next month to learn more. The episodes will only air in Japan for now, but thanks Pokemon anime’s Netflix deal, it’s likely that the English-language version will hit the streaming service sometime later next year.

Those who have not followed Pokemon anime closely since the early years may not know who Serena is and may be opposed to the idea of ​​Ash breaking up with someone other than Misty. Serena was one of Ash’s companions in Pokemon X and Y anime series, and she was known to have a crush on Ash. Of course, fans should keep in mind that these new characters may be completely unrelated to Ash and the people he met on his travels, but it’s an interesting theory to consider.

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