Pokemon Anime Shares Free Online Gift Giving Episodes

Pokemon Anime Shares Free Online Gift Giving Episodes

To celebrate the holiday season, the Pokémon anime has shared a series of gift-giving episodes online that are free to watch.

To celebrate the holiday, The Pokemon Company is making several episodes from Pokemon anime that revolves around giving gifts available for free. Too many Pokemon fans, anime holds a special place in their hearts. Featuring episodes based on holidays of all kinds, the anime explores both heartwarming and challenging emotions. To Pokemon fans celebrating with family, friends or on their own, it might be fun to revisit some of these classics Pokemon anime episodes.


Technically, a significant amount of Pokemon The anime is already available to watch online for free. The official one Pokemon the website has made seasons 1, 2, 10, 11, 12 and 20 to 24 available to watch anytime. There are eras of Pokemon anime including “The Beginning”, “Diamond and Pearl”, “Sun & Moon” and “Journeys”. If there is a particular episode or story from one of these series Pokemon anime, so fans can check them out anytime.

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As a special event just for the holidays to end 2022 and start 2023, The Pokemon Company has put together a special collection of Pokemon anime episodes available for viewing for a limited time. The collection is called “Presents ‘n’ Pokemon” and it focuses on Pokemon anime episodes that feature characters giving gifts to friends, family, or even Pokémon. The collection is available until 6 January.

Many of the episodes in the Presents ‘n’ Pokémon collection are not included in what is otherwise freely available. For example, one of many fans’ favorite moments from the anime is Ash giving a gift to Serena under the Pledging Tree, from Season 18, which is not available on Pokemon website. However, it has been temporarily unlocked just for this special holiday event.

A total of ten episodes are unlocked. Episodes include Season 1’s “The Battling Eevee Brothers”, Season 2’s “Wherefore Art Thou, Pokemon?”, Season 5’s “Hi Ho Silver… Away”, Season 9’s “The unbeatable Lightness of Seeing”, Season 16’s “The Dream” To Be Continued!,” season 18’s “Under the Pledging Tree!”, season 20’s “Alola to New Adventure!”, season 20’s “So Long, Sophocles!”, season 21’s “The Professors’ New Adventure!” and season 22’s ” The Secret Princess!”

Obviously, this is just a limited selection of episodes that generally fit the theme of what The Pokemon Company does. If it wanted to focus on Christmas-like holidays, winter fun, or other themes, it could have easily done that too. Pokemon is a very long anime, after all. But this is still a special and thoughtful gift Pokemon fans anyway. Here is the hope selection of gift-related Pokemon anime episodes help put a smile on the faces of some fans during the holidays.

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