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Optimus Prime and Megatron get unexpected anime makeovers in New Statue Line

Optimus Prime and Megatron get unexpected anime makeovers in New Statue Line

Optimus Prime and Megatron get an anime makeover in Kotobukiya’s new line Transformers statues.

As revealed on Kotobukiya’s website, the former boxed and angular cybertronian leaders have been redesigned to fit in with the Japanese character producer’s “Bishoujo” line of anime girl statues. Optimus Prime has been recreated by artist Shunya Yamashita as a human woman wearing a jacket and boots reminiscent of design elements from the Autobot boss’ original Generation 1 look. The new Prime carries a case reminiscent of the original truck’s trailer. The new statue comes complete with a Matrix of Leadership chain, a base with a metallic Autobot logo and an optional face mask piece that makes the statue look even more like the original Prime. The figure will sell for $ 149.99 USD and will be available in Japan next January.

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In addition to the new Optimus Prime character, Kotobukiya also showed off concept art of the next character in the series, which also transforms Megatron into an anime girl. The megalomaniacal handgun has been recreated as a woman in a military-inspired outfit, carrying Decepticon’s signature fusion cannon over her shoulder as a sort of oversized rocket launcher. A release date and a price for Megatron have not yet been announced. A teaser image for the line’s third character, Bumblebee, was also shown.

During this year’s Anime Expo, which took place from July 1-4 in Los Angeles, Kotobukiya asked fans which Transformer they would like to see as the fourth contribution in the series. The treacherous Starscream won the vote, beating out other Decepticon Soundwave and Autobot Jazz.

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Kotobukiya first launched its “Bishoujo” line in 2009. The collection is dedicated to producing characters based around the most popular female characters from anime and video games, and has previously collaborated with franchisees such as Tekken and Street Fighter. In recent years, the line has expanded to cover a number of non-Japanese properties, including DC and Marvel superheroes, as well as creating anime-girl versions of iconic slasher movie stars, including The chainsaw massacre in Texas‘s Leatherface and Itis Pennywise.

Fans looking for more traditional Transformers collectibles should look forward to Hasbro’s panel at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, which is held on the first day of the annual convention, July 1 at. 13:00 PST. The toy manufacturer promises to unveil new characters in the Transformers: Legacy line and will give fans a chance to ask questions directly to the team behind the characters.

Source: Kotobukiya

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