One Punch Man Mangaka Says He’s ‘Scared’ of Chainsaw Man Anime, Here’s Why

One Punch Man Mangaka Says He’s ‘Scared’ of Chainsaw Man Anime, Here’s Why

One Punch Man manga writer Yusuke Murata recently said on Twitter that he is “scared” of Chainsawman anime. While this confused fans at first, they later realized that the tweet was filled with praise for the ongoing Fall 2022 anime.

With Chainsawman anime, finally after showing fans the battle between Denji and the two devils, Bat Devil and Leech Devil, the anime has gained some major fame for its fighting movie.

Tatsuya Yoshihara, who previously worked in black clover, is action leader for Chainsawman and is responsible for the incredible battles shown in the anime.

It seems like One Punch Man the manga author could not contain his excitement after seeing the same.

One Punch Man manga author praises Chainsawman anime on Twitter

Screenshot of Yusuke Murata's tweet (Image via Twitter/Sportskeeda)
Screenshot of Yusuke Murata’s tweet (Image via Twitter/Sportskeeda)

One Punch Man manga writer Yusuke Murata praised Chainsawman anime, saying that he had followed the anime during the weekly release. However, some time ago he realized how frighteningly well the anime was made.

According to him, the quality of animation shown in the anime exceeded that of a weekly anime, and was one that a viewer can expect from an anime film. Yusuke Murata tried to express his joy at watching Chainsawman saying how he usually had to pay 1800 yen at the theater to see such quality work.

This really shows MAPPA’s extremely good work in anime and is getting praise from other animanga creators.

Fans react to Yusuke Murata’s tweet on Chainsawman

@NEBU_KURO One punch man is better than chainsaw man.

There were some mixed reactions to Yusuke Murata’s tweet, as some fans were quick to say how One Punch Man was better than Chainsawman. This was strange considering that it was the manga author himself who praised the MAPPA studio anime.

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This was followed by some fans trying to take a dig at OPM, claims how CSM was the better anime.

One fan even tried to diss Yusuke Murata, saying so Hunter x hunter manga writer Yoshihiro Togashi was better than him. This was quite strange given how Murata is a fan of Hunter x hunter and have followed the series.

He had even expressed his excitement for the manga ever since the return was confirmed by Togashi.

Some fans took the opportunity to compare the characters in both anime, especially the most popular female character in both anime, Fubuki from One Punch Man and Makima from Chainsawman.

Screenshot of a fan's tweet comparing Makima and Fubuki (Image via Twitter/Sportskeeda)
Screenshot of a fan’s tweet comparing Makima and Fubuki (Image via Twitter/Sportskeeda)

Mania all around Chainsawman anime’s Makima was quite evident to fans worldwide. People have fallen head over heels for her charm, which is followed by fan art and cosplay of the same. Thus, a fan believed how characters like Fubuki lost their popularity.

Hence the fans asked One Punch Man manga writer to add more frontispieces and covers to Fubuki to regain some of her lost popularity.

One fan simply acknowledged how manga author Yusuke Murata read a top series Chainsawman.

While Yusuke Murata was talking about the anime itself and not the manga, the feeling should be mutual given how well MAPPA adapted the manga to a level where some scenes were directly plucked from the manga without any changes.

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