One Piece Odyssey includes tutorial videos to detail the Anime’s Lore

One Piece Odyssey includes tutorial videos to detail the Anime’s Lore

When we talk about shows that have popularized anime all over the world, One Piece is a name we can never leave out. Like any other major franchise, One Piece has tried its luck in video games.

There are some amazing games in the portfolio like the One Piece: Pirate series and the next release, One Piece Odysseycoming out shortly.

A major obstacle for any player trying to get into the One Piece series is how big the canon is. But players don’t have to worry about that in One Piece Odyssey according to the producer Katsuaki Tsuzuki. Odyssey consists of Large logs which features videos designed to get newcomers caught up on the history of the franchise.

Great takeaways

  • One Piece Odyssey will feature Grand Logs containing videos summarizing the story of One Piece.
  • So, the main purpose of this is to invite new players to the franchise without the confusion of 1000 unread manga chapters.
  • Producer Tsuzuki believes Grand Logs helps newcomers to the franchise and solves a major problem.

Producer Tsuzuki revealed this information while interviewing Games Radar about his upcoming game. Games Radar spoke with the producer about adapting one of the biggest manga of all time. In response to a question about how One Piece Odyssey will catch players up to decades of lore, Tsuzuki said:

In anticipation of players who are new to One Piece, we have plenty of “Grand Logs” – which is a collection of videos where you can review events experienced by the Straw Hat Crew in the manga and anime, in a way that is unique to this project .”

Therefore, the manufacturer has taken some initiatives to bring new players to the One Piece games. Such a step was much needed as the One Piece games are probably the least successful part of the franchise.

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The monstrosity of Straw Hat Crew lore is probably one reason that keeps players away, but One Piece Odyssey solves that problem.

Katsuaki Tsuzuki talked about exactly this in his interview with Games Radar. He said that his biggest goal appealed to the demographic that has not read the manga or watched the anime. Sales will increase by reaching that demographic, and they will most likely delve into manga and anime after playing the game.

Our biggest goal is that players who are not that familiar with the manga and anime will be able to enjoy the game with ease, and will be encouraged to visit the manga and anime to see (or relive) the adventures of the Straw Hat Crew! “

We have already seen how adaptations in various forms of media bring attention to the original medium. Cyberpunk 2077 got a lot of new players after the success of Cyberpunk Edgerunners. Therefore, it is no surprise that One piece is looking for the opposite effect through Odyssey.

Tsuzuki talked about how it was important to the franchise and the anime to make a good One Piece game. One Piece Red, the recent film in the franchise, has been a huge success, leaving the video game series as the only one with a mixed reception. Next to Pirate Warriors series, no game has been a huge success, but Odyssey will try to rectify that.

Yes! There has always been pressure from fans around the world to adapt the original works and anime into a game. we think more people have had the chance to learn about One Piece a little more – and we also hope that even the newcomers can feel the same joy through One Piece Odyssey.”

One Piece Odyssey continues to be released 13 December 2022through Bandai Namco Entertainment. ILCA is developing the game and will release it on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S and Windows PC. Hopefully, Grand Logs summarizes the over 1000 chapters of manga and episodes of anime in a comprehensive way.

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