New RPG Anime redefines a tired trope with one big twist

New RPG Anime redefines a tired trope with one big twist

Beast Tamer is just like any other “I got kicked out of my party” trope, except the cheater the hero stumbles upon is a powerful catgirl he can tame.

Warning: SPOILERS for Beast Tamer episode 1The first episode of anime Beast Tamer has already set it up to be just like every other “I got kicked out of my party” series out there, except it has an adorable twist that makes it worth watching.

Just like Isekai, anime where characters level up and travel in parties are quite popular, the only difference between the two is that the main character is born in the actual world and not transferred there by mysterious means. But a subgenre that has taken the manga and anime industry by storm consists of stories where the main character is kicked out of the party for having a useless power. Most of the time, this power is seriously misunderstood, or if the hero is indeed weak, they stumble upon an artifact that allows them to surpass their former counterparts.


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Beast Tamer from EMT Squared follows this trend to the letter. The party in this case kicks the main character Rein out of their group for being a worthless animal tamer, having recruited him with the hope that he would be useful. But his ability to tame animals only gave them scouting abilities, so they give him up. But what stands out Beast Tamer but is that the true extent of Rein’s class is his ability to tame a member of the rarest of the strongest races called the Kanade.

Beast Tamer Outshines 3 Manga That Play Things Too Safe

What helps to set an anime apart from the rest is usually the strong relationships formed between its compelling cast – especially when romance is involved. And that’s perfect Beast Tamer takes into account such a critical aspect of this already highly structured trope’s unwavering formula by making the “cheat” a character who forms a relationship with the hero. Meanwhile, other shows have chosen to make the “cheats” something other than an actual character. IN The Strongest Gatekeeper – The banished warrior with 9999 defense is unmatched as the gatekeeper of the royal capital, for example, the hero Sieg’s defense power actually makes him incredibly strong, but his party members never recognize his abilities because their group is all about offense. It’s not until Sieg gets kicked out that he immediately becomes infamous, and his “cheating” is just insanely powerful already. IN The strongest wizard who makes full use of the strategy book, the hero Magnus literally stumbles upon an actual cheat—a book containing the secrets of his world—that allows him to make everything right in his world and become unbeatable. (Here, on the other hand, Magnus leaves his party.) I The unfavorable job [Appraiser] is actually the strongest, Ain’s cheating actually stems from his God-given class; he just needed an extra push from a god that boosts his eye-based abilities after his party kicks him out.

By making Rein’s cheater an actual character who already has amazing chemistry with him in the first episode, Beast Tamer revolutionizing an already tired trope for the better. But hopefully it doesn’t revolutionize too much like making it so the hero doesn’t return to his original party (because Rein’s group deserves everything they can get). Even manga readers and anime viewers rolling their eyes at another “I got kicked out of my party” series will rejoice Beast Tamer.

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Beast Tamer is available now to stream on Crunchyroll.

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