Netflix’s best series getting an anime spinoff?

Netflix’s best series getting an anime spinoff?

Stranger Things continues to go global with rumors of a spinoff for an anime series set in 1980s Tokyo.

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Netflix is ‚Äč‚Äčexpanding Stranger Things into its own cinematic universe, and it will include upside-down adventures in Japan. CBR reports that Netflix has announced Stranger Things: Tokyo, an anime spin-off that the streaming giant is billing as the franchise’s first. Set in 1980s Tokyo, the show will follow two brothers at the dawn of the video game era as they encounter the dreary alternate dimension.

Like season 4 of Stranger Things took the audience to Russia where other doorways to the Upside Down have been opened, the show hinted that more such portals could exist in places other than Hawkins. Other spin-offs may take audiences elsewhere, but the anime show will focus on a Japanese port from around the same time as Mike, Will and the rest of The Party have their spooky adventures in Hawkins. Not much else is known about Stranger Things: Tokyoother than that it will be six hours long.

While the Hawkins kids spend their free time playing Caves and dragonsanother form of gaming appeared in the form of Japanese video games such as Super Mario Bros. and Final Fantasy. Many players play both the famous board game and a variety of video games, which come from well-known Japanese companies such as Sony, Nintendo and Sega. The boys in Stranger Things: Tokyo is thus very similar to the boys from Hawkins, in that both games were born in the 1980s, most often played by people whose interests turned more towards intellectual pursuits than athletics.

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Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson in Stranger Things

In addition to the anime show Stranger Things universe is getting another live-action series from another Duffer Brothers idea, and also a play that will be written by playwright Kate Trefry. Netflix will produce the stage play alongside influential theater producer Sonia Friedman and producer-director Stephen Daldry. Not much is known about any of these projects other than that they will take place in the same world as Hawkins.

Able to help build a broader universe is director Shawn Levy, whose experience with the Marvel Cinematic Universe as director of Deadpool 3 will be useful when he returns from that production to direct some of Stranger Things season 5. The show’s final season won’t air until 2024, but the Marvel project’s film schedule still leaves time for Levy to return to Stranger Things. He said working with Kevin Fiege gave him some insight into building such a project, suggesting he may remain on board for more work with the Duffer Brothers.

The first four seasons of Stranger Things were all smash hits when they were released on Netflix, and Season 4 held the record for the most views within a week of its premiere until Wednesday broke it in November. It’s clear from the millions of hours viewers have watched the show that more content from the Hawkins universe would be welcome among audiences, and the Duffer Brothers are set to deliver.

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