Netflix Plans ‘Stranger Things Tokyo’ Anime Series Spin-off

Netflix Plans ‘Stranger Things Tokyo’ Anime Series Spin-off

stranger things anime series planned netflix

Stranger Things animated movie clip from the video game Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales

For a while now, The Duffer Brothers have been teasing that we would be venturing further into Upside Down with a spinoff of some description before or after the conclusion of the flagship franchise. We have now learned that one of the spin-offs is set to be an anime series called Stranger Things Tokyo.

The spin-off series, we hear, has been in development for quite some time, with early rumblings of the project coming out in early 2021.

Details are still thin on the new project, but we have a brief overview of what you can expect:

“An encounter with the Upside Down turns into a grand adventure for video game-loving twin brothers living on the outskirts of 1980s Tokyo.”

We hear that the series is planned to be around 6 hours long and is labeled as “the first” Stranger Things spinoff.

The Duffer Brothers confirmed a spin-off of a description earlier this year when they upped their Netflix deal earlier in 2022.

Speaking on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Matt Duffer said the spin-off would be “1,000% different” from the original, adding that it would be a “story that connects to the world of Stranger Things, but it’s really more about how we’re telling that story.”

the duffer brothers season 3 stranger things

The Duffer Brothers

Stranger Things has already made its way into other formats with two main formats Stranger Things games and Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales which was recently moved over to Netflix Games exclusively.

Why Stranger Things will venture into anime

Some of Netflix’s biggest franchises (or attempted franchises) have seen spin-offs in multiple formats over the years. The plan has mostly been pioneered by The Witcher, which we’ve now seen as an anime spin-off, a live-action spin-off, and more.

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Other examples of other Netflix IPs getting or set to be converted into anime/animated spinoffs include Light (Light: Samurai Soul), Modified carbon (Altered carbon: Resleeved), ad Army of the Dead.

The mothership Stranger Things the series will return for a fifth and final season not expected until 2024, with filming expected to begin in May 2023.

As mentioned, The Duffer Brothers work with Netflix under an overall agreement. Other projects they have on beyond Stranger Things include The talisman and Death note live-action adaptation of the anime series.

We’ll keep you updated when we hear more about anything related Stranger Things Tokyo.

Please note that the image used in this article is from the Stranger Things mobile video game and not representative of the anime project.

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