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Netflix Anime ‘Uncle From Another World’ Season 1: All We Know So Far

Netflix Anime ‘Uncle From Another World’ Season 1: All We Know So Far

uncle from another world netflix anime season 1 all we know so far

Uncle from another world – picture. AtelierPontdarc

Hotondoshindeirus funny isekai comedy manga, Uncle from another world, is being adapted for an anime and will be exclusive to Netflix outside of Japan. The Japanese broadcast begins in July 2022, and we expect to know the launch date for Netflix soon. Here’s all we know so far about Uncle from Another World season 1 on Netflix.

Uncle from another world is an upcoming internationally licensed Japanese Netflix Original comedy-isekai anime series and the adaptation of Hotondoshindeirus’ manga Isekai Ojisan.

When is Uncle from another world Netflix release date?

At the time of writing, Netflix has not revealed the release date for Uncle from another world. However, we have confirmed that the anime will begin its Japanese broadcast on AT-X on July 6, 2022.

There’s still a chance that Netflix can release Uncle from another world weekly, but if the streamer is waiting for all the episodes to air in Japan before release, we can wait several months.

What is Uncle’s action from another world?

Synopsis for Uncle from another world has been provided by Netflix;

Autumn 2017… Hit by a truck when he was 17 years old, Takafumi’s uncle suddenly wakes up from a coma that lasted for 17 years. When Takafumi visits him at the hospital, he sees his uncle mumbling nonsense, and declares that he has returned from another world called “Granbahamal”. … It is clear that his uncle has lost his bullets. Takafumi is lost for words, but his uncle proves his claims to be in another dimension by using some magic. Takafumi decides to use his uncle’s efforts to earn a living, and without other relatives to visit, Takafumi takes him in and they start sharing an apartment together. While living with his uncle, Takafumi learns about his amazing adventures and his boundless love of SEGA video games. But at times, the uncle’s lonely and cruel experiences fill Takafumi with both joy and sadness. Two men from different generations work hard to create video content in this new and exciting comedy in a corner of an apartment complex!

Who is the cast in Uncle from another world?

The cast for Uncle from another world is full of extremely talented voice actors.

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Takehito Koyasu is one of the most recognizable voices in anime, thanks to his roles as Beast Titan, Zeke, in Attack on Titanand the villain Dio Brando in Jojos bizarre adventure.

Takehito Koyasu netflix anime season 1 uncle from another world

Mikako Komatsu is the voice of Rebecca in the licensed Netflix Original series Edens Zerobut she is best known for her role as Senkuu in Dr. Stone.

mikako kimatsu anime season 1 netflix uncle from another world

There are also such as Aoi Yuki and Nobuhiko Okamoto My Hero Academiagiving the votes to Tsuyu Asui and Katsuki Bakugo respectively.

Below are the confirmed cast for Uncle from another world:

Role Actor Where have I seen / heard them before?
Ojisan (uncle) Takehito Koyasu Attack on Titan | Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure | One Piece
Takafumi June Fukuyama Seven deadly sins | Assassination Classroom | Yamada-kun and the seven witches
Fujimiya Mikako Komatsu Edens Zero | Jujutsu Kaisen | Dr. Stone
Alv Haruka Tomatsu Sword Art Online | Gintama | Dear FranXX
Mabel Aoi Yuki Isekai Quartet | Gosick | My Hero Academia
Alicia Aki Toyosaki K-on !! | To LOVE-Ru Darkness | Norigami
Edge cutter Kenichi Suzumura Naruto | Gintama | D gray man
Raiga Nobuhiko Okamoto My Hero Academia | Blue exorcist | Haikyuu !!
Sawae Hisako Kanemoto Food Wars | Sailor Moon | A sister is all you need

Are you excited to see Uncle from Another World on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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