My Hero Academia Season 6 is the anime to watch this season and episode 6 proved it

My Hero Academia Season 6 is the anime to watch this season and episode 6 proved it

Episode 6 of My Hero Academia Season 6 aired last Saturday and further proves that this series is the anime to watch this fall season. We haven’t talked about the criticism from last season, because now it’s time to finally dive into how studio BONES gives us the best season of My Hero Academia yet and episode 6 just adds to the list of reasons why.

Manga Shigaraki is scary, Anime Shigaraki is downright scary

I’ll be honest with everyone, I haven’t been this terrified to hear the sound of an organ playing since we were first introduced to Orochimaru in the original Naruto series. There is something about the aura of an organ playing that gives rise to this trembling fear of what villain it is playing for. No, I’m not comparing Orochimaru and Shigaraki as characters. But I definitely compare the absolute shivering fear I felt when the music started playing and they both appeared on my screen. And this is something the manga just can’t give its readers like the anime can.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Shigaraki

Of course, manga readers can make different arguments about Shigaraki, but I will argue with them until the end of time that the Shiagaraki we’ve received in just these last two episodes has been terrifying leaps from what he was in the manga at. this moment. And here I find myself, once again, praising studio BONES and Yuki Hayashi (music) for their incredible work in this episode. And it’s not just the production, Kouki Uchiyama’s voice acting ability shows tenfold as Shigaraki and he just makes everything that much more intense in episode 6.

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This is a 2D animated series, and yet I find myself peeking outside my windows just a little to make sure no buildings around me are decaying for some reason. Shigaraki’s presence in this season of My Hero Academia, especially this episode, is just the lift to new heights that BONES manages to create for itself. And his current battle with Endeavor only proves the allure of why Shigaraki is hailed as one of the best villains in modern shonen anime history.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Shigaraki

Bakugo’s monologue

Not to take away from what was the main premise of episode 5, but there’s no way I’m skipping Bakugo’s monologue as he and Deku try to lure Shigaraki away from everyone. He shined in Season 5 during the tournament against Class B, and now, after a few comedic moments just here and there in the previous episodes this season, Bakugo hit us with one of the best self-indulgent speeches we’ve heard in probably the entire series. But it wasn’t because he said it out of pure selfishness as we would have heard in previous seasons. Rather, he said everything out of his own desires by recognizing who All Might was to him and how Deku is still ahead of him. It’s almost like Bakugo has become the character you just can’t help but root for at this point.

And much like Uchiyama’s performance as Shigaraki, I must also give praise to Nobuhiko Okamoto as Bakugo. We’re so used to his yelling nature and how that can even be the comic relief of an episode, but this episode gave us a rare occasion where Bakugo actually kept a level head (at least for Bakugo) while talking to Deku . And when his monologue was finished, I couldn’t help but stand up and cheer him on. Just when he says the words “As the man who ended All Might…”, talking about Shigaraki, chills immediately ran down my body.

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My Hero Academia Season 6 Bakguo

The moment got even better as soon as the uplifting music started playing. And it was the kind of music you’d hear if Deku or All Might himself did something, or was going to do something, incredible. And that only added to why Bakugo has become a favorite character of mine from the series. Also, shout out to Bones for this incredible shot of him at the end of his monologue. It’s scary, but for all the right, heroic reasons.

Toga’s moment was the perfect spice to the chaos

While the moment was very short-lived, Toga had arguably the most insane close-up of all the characters in this episode. Not only was her close-up full of pure evil and fury, but the artistic details that we didn’t get in the manga at this point just made it all the better. Horikoshi is one of the best artists in Shonen Jump right now, there is no doubt that his drawing skills are. However, BONES outshone his work in episode 6, and Toga’s moment was a perfect example of that. The side by side comparison shows it wasn’t even close. But my favorite part about all of these close-ups, whether it’s Toga, Bakugo, Shigaraki or Endeavour, it shows that both sides have their own versions of crazy and wild characters – heroes who are more grounded while the villains are unhinged.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Toga

My Hero Academia Season 6 Ending

The little things like the extra narrated sound effects that appear in certain parts of this episode don’t take away from the fact that episode 6 of My Hero Academia Season 6 was a flawless work of art in so many other ways. We’ve already had flawless episodes this season, and now the trend looks like it won’t stop the remaining time this season has.

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Whether you loved the artwork, the music, or the animation when Shigaraki and Endeavor fought, the bottom line is that there are so many things right about episode 6 that there’s no wrong answer as to which was the best part. They all were, and that’s what made this episode perfect.

Episode 6 rating: 10/10

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