My Hero Academia Season 6 aired one of Anime’s most watched episodes ever

My Hero Academia Season 6 aired one of Anime’s most watched episodes ever

My Hero Academia Season 6 has just aired one of the most pivotal and long-awaited episodes of the entire series. (SPOILERS) In “Dabi’s Dance”, the League of Villains’ psychotic firebug launches a surprise attack no one could have seen coming, by revealing that he is actually Toya Todoroki, the son of Endeavor and the brother of long-presumed-dead Shoto Todoroki.

Not only did “Dabi” reveal his true identity to his father and brother in the middle of the battlefield – he also prepared and broadcast the entire video of his origin, calling out both #1 hero Endeavor and #2 hero Hawks as examples of a broken system. It was the kind of psychological terrorism that made even the idealistic “Can’t you see? Kid” (Hiroshi Tameda) to question his belief in superheroes. Meanwhile, Dabi seems intent on murdering his entire family and the rest of the heroes with his own twisted versions of Endeavor’s flame attack—that is, until Best Jeanist reveals he’s still alive by saving the day.

My Hero Academia’s big Dabi reveal lit up the manga fandom when the chapter was released in 2020 – and now it’s doing the same for the anime!

As you can see above, My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 11 had fans tuning in, in BIG numbers. The Dabi reveal episode had one of the highest ratings since My Hero Academia Season 4, and saw an increase of about 7% in what has been the standard level of ratings lately. No doubt, the buzz that this episode was a big reveal about Dabi made the viewing audience tune in immediately, rather than letting the show sit for later viewing. It was also undoubtedly a draw for My Hero Academia fans who read the manga, and wanted to see this pivotal chapter play out on screen.

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My Hero Academia Season 6 has been a major return to form for the anime series. Season 4 hit a major high point with the story of Class 1-A and the pro heroes battling the powers of Overhaul and his signature canceling bullets. However, after the first arc ended, the anime hit something of a slump – although it’s arguable that it wasn’t through any fault of its own. The school festival arc that followed had hints of a bigger story between heroes and villains coming, but season 5 was pretty much the whole scene, except for some exciting episodes where the League of Villains took the stage. But now season 6 has finally arrived at the biggest battle yet – with some of the most exciting revelations.

So… if you haven’t been My Hero Academia lately, you better get back to it! Season 6 is streaming on Crunchyroll and Hulu.

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