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Most iconic ghosts in Anime

Most iconic ghosts in Anime

Ghosts are the spirits of the dead that some living people can see. They are often associated with anger and aggression, and that is because they are unable to move on to life after death. Animes can include everything from ghost hunters trying to get rid of annoying creatures to characters who become friends with the creatures and get their help. Whatever the reason, ghosts often appear in the media. They are interesting, often have special abilities, and give people a glimpse into the unknown realm of the dead.

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There are many other dead beings that look like ghosts. Spirits are not as aggressive, ghouls eat dead bodies, and yōkai resemble demons, but not in the Western world sense of the word. Due to these distinctions, some shows should be excluded from lists of ghosts in anime, such as. Bakemonogatari, Blue exorcistand Obituary.

8 Ghost dog

The human and spiritual realms bleed into each other in the city of the Suite. Ghost appearances are beginning to spread throughout the city, and there are up to three middle school boys to investigate. Tarō, Makoto and Masayuki have all lived through childhood traumas and can see the strange events.

They can enter the invisible world, home to ghosts, even if no human should have that ability. When they enter, they face the trauma head-on. The local Shinto priest and his daughter, Miyako, must help the boys deal with this scary situation.

7 Another

Kouichi Sakakibara is a transition student for grades 3-3 at Yomiyama North Junior High. He is drawn to one of his new classmates, Mei Misaki, whom he met while away from school at the hospital. She has an eye patch and is reserved. None of the other students seem to acknowledge her or her existence as if they cannot see her.

A rumor goes about a former student and a gloomy incident. However, the other classmates are not willing to share the details with Kouichi. He needs to find out how this incident is related to his new friend. Several tragedies appear to them in the cursed class, and they must work together to solve the mystery around them, even though it may come at a great price.

6 Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

Heavenly Host Elementary School was closed after several serial kidnappings and killings in the area. Years later, another school is built on top of the old one. Students tell scary stories based on true stories. At the new school, nine high school students perform a seemingly harmless ritual of being friends forever.

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Things go wrong when they are teleported to another dimension where the killings from the previous school took place. The students are murdered in cruel ways by the vengeful ghost of a little girl and her vengeful subjects. The surviving students must escape before they face the same fate as their friends.

5 Ghost hunt

Taniyama Mai loves ghost stories. She investigates a scary abandoned school building and encounters the 17-year-old president of Shibuya Psychic Research Company Shibuya Kazuya. When she passes the building the next day, she accidentally destroys some of Shibuya Kazuya’s equipment, and his assistant Lin is injured and rescues her.

To pay for the broken camera and continue the work, Shibuya Kazuya Mai as his new assistant to Lin has been healed. The two solve ghost-related mysteries, investigate hauntings, and Mai learns about ghost hunting and the paranormal.

4 Ghost stories

Satsuki Miyanoshita moves to the city where her mother died. On her first day of school, she visits an abandoned building with her brother Keiichiro, neighbor Hajime Aoyama and students Momoko Koigakubo and Leo Kakinoki. They discover that the building is haunted and that Satsuki’s mother sealed ghosts in the city.

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They find out that the ghosts are accidentally released while the city is being renovated. The group must use the book Satsuki’s mother left behind to expel the ghosts and demons for good. If not, the monsters will take over their hometown.

3 Toilet-bound Hanako-kun

Nene Yashiro is a student at Kamome Academy, a school known for supernatural events. She loves the occult and wants a boyfriend. There is an urban legend about a girl who haunts the bathroom and can fulfill wishes if a price is paid. Nene tries this, but the spirit is a boy named Hanako-san.

Nene finds out that she is spiritually bound to him. She becomes his assistant, helping him to destroy evil creatures and restore the balance between the human and spirit worlds. But when she gets closer to him, she learns that he has a mysterious dark past.

2 Menma Honma (Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day)

Jinta Yadomi does not leave her house after the death of his childhood friend Menma Honma. He has separated from his friends after this incident. On a hot summer day, Menma sees his dead friend, but thinks it is the heat that makes him hallucinate. However, her repeated appearance forces him to realize that she is there.

Menma asks him to give her one last wish, to help her move on to life after death. Jinta needs to reunite with her friends and work together to accommodate her request. But to do this, they must relive the pain, guilt, and grief surrounding her death.

1 Spirited Away

Chihiro and her parents accidentally stumble across an abandoned amusement park. When her parents decide to eat some food and pay later because there are no employees, they are turned into pigs. As night falls, the park transforms into a city full of gods and spirits. The evil witch Yubaba, the owner of a bathhouse, holds all invaders captive as workers.

Chihiro’s parents are moved to the hotel’s warehouse waiting to be slaughtered for a meal, and Chihiro is forced to work. With the help of her new friend Haku, she must try to break the spell on her parents and escape back to their world.

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