Most Anticipated Rom-Com Anime Coming Winter 2023

Most Anticipated Rom-Com Anime Coming Winter 2023

The fall 2022 anime season still has a few weeks left, and it included some truly huge anime titles such as the return of Bleachseason 6 of My Hero Academia and Spy x Family. However, anime fans are always hungry for more, and many are already looking ahead to the winter 2023 anime season to see what will satisfy their appetites next.

The winter 2023 season won’t be quite as spectacular as the fall 2022 season, but it still has plenty of charming titles to delight viewers, and can provide a much-needed break from the non-stop action of the fall season. This includes some choice tidbits for fans of romantic comedies – one of the best non-action anime genres out there. Some of these series are new, while others are beloved returning series.

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Kubo won’t let me be invisible is that gender-swapped Komi can’t communicate

Nagisa Kubo and Junta Shiraishi walk along

Kubo won’t let me be invisible will debut in the winter 2023 season as a simple but effective rom-com anime set in a regular Japanese high school. Fans of series like Komi cannot communicate and Horimiya will probably love Kubo anime, though it won’t do much to reinvent the rom-com or high school anime wheels. The story focuses on the healthy couple Nagisa Kubo and Junta Shiraishi, with Kubo as a warm-hearted deredere girl who won’t let poor Junta be ignored by her classmates anymore.

Junta is a kind young man with a good heart, but no one pays attention to this dander boy, to the point where he seems literally invisible. The kind Kubo becomes Junta’s own Hitohito Tadano, and is the first person insightful and compassionate enough to reach out to this invisible student and recognize him for who he really is. A healthy friendship will soon take root, and through it, Junta will make more friends and maybe even find love with the first girl who truly sees her invisible self.

Kubo won’t let me be invisible starts broadcasting on 10 January 2023.

Don’t play with me, Mrs. Nagatoro! Back for more Paisen fun

NagatoroS2 (1)

Several anime seasons back, that Don’t play with me, Mrs. Nagatoro! anime turned heads and even caused minor controversy with its sadodore-style antics. The playful, energetic Hayase Nagatoro is a sadodere, or perhaps a hiyakasudere, who likes to tease, annoy and torment anyone she likes – in this case her artistic, introverted upperclassman Naoto Hachioji. Hayase made an uncertain first impression as she almost bullied Naoto to tears, but then Nagatoro! the anime stabilized the tone and designed Hayase as an annoying but genuinely friendly person after all.

Soon, she and Naoto became an odd but loyal couple, supporting each other more than anyone, even herself, ever expected. Now Hayase is Naoto’s best art subject, and Naoto expresses his shy dander love when he elegantly draws Nagatoro every other time in his art class. Now season 2 is around the corner, and time will tell what foolish obstacles may stand in the way of their bizarre but true young love.

Don’t play with me, Mrs. Nagatoro! Season 2 will begin airing in January 2023.

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Tomo-Chan is a girl! Reminding everyone how beautiful Tomboys are

Tomo and June

Another high school rom-com coming winter 2023 will be Tomo-Chan is a girl!, based on the completed manga series of the same name. The tsundere heroine, Tomo Aizawa, is a charming tomboy who usually hangs out with boys, including her best male friend Junichiro Kubota. As they enter high school, Tomo gathers all his courage and confesses his love to Junuchiro, only to be told “I love you too, bro!” as an answer.

Amusingly, Junichiro thinks of Tomo as a boy friend first and a girl second, if at all. Now Tomo must find a meaningful balance between her pleasant tomboy lifestyle and her hidden feminine side, so that she can stay true to herself, but also win Junichiro’s heart and prove that she is a maiden in love, not just “one of the guys ». In light-hearted and funny ways, Tomo will play with the boundary between her outer masculine and feminine lifestyle. If she succeeds, her first real romance will finally blossom.

Tomo-Chan is a girl! starts broadcasting on January 5, 2023.

The ice guy and his cool female colleague are about winning the heart of a Kuudere lady

the ice guy and his female colleague

The ice guy and his cool female colleague gives anime rom-com fans a break from the high school paradigm and takes them to the workplace, where Himuro, the ice guy, has his heart set on the gorgeous kuudere lady Fuyutsuki, who is also his co-worker. Himuro may have ice-based magical powers, but his heart is warm like a cozy fire, and he just wants to show Fuyutsuki his love. This won’t be easy though, as the reserved Fuyutsuki simply won’t take the hint, even when all their colleagues can easily see how in love Himuro is. Fuyutsuki is only doing Himuro favors and supporting him as a colleague, but if Himuro can figure out a winning strategy among his snowy powers, he and Kuudere Fuyutsuki can become much more.

The ice guy and his cool female colleague starts broadcasting on January 4, 2023.

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