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Most anticipated anime in the summer of 2022

Most anticipated anime in the summer of 2022

As we approach the end of spring anime season, people are going to start wondering what are the heavy hits they need to look for. Many of the programs are sequels to series that came out almost a decade ago, and it may therefore be necessary to refresh their actions.

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With less than a month until the start of this summer’s anime season, fans will not have much time to drown out these series and catch up, but this should help provide the need to know information about the upcoming shows. Whether it takes three seasons to catch up or just 12 episodes, this list should catch the fans on this summer’s most anticipated anime.

Call of the Night starts this list at number 5, and the only reason it is lower is that unlike the other expected anime, it is not a sequel or season 2. Call of the Night is a story about the Japanese middle school student Kou Yamori who has insomnia . He has grown tired of the responsibilities of daily life and has chosen to seek freedom through the night, as he is called. During one of her night trips, he meets a girl named Nazuna Nanakusa, and without giving away too much, the girl begins to show him what it means to be a night walker.

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Beyond the aesthetic of the main girl alone, this show will draw anime fans in, but the unique method of storytelling and the use of the night to create, and scary atmosphere will definitely resonate with those who also prefer to be up late and do what preferably with friends or family before they have to wake up and grow up again and answer their responsibilities. Despite being the only anime on this list that is not a sequel, it is one that should not be slept on (Pun 100% calculated)

For an anime that was broadcast about two years ago, it’s amazing how it manages to live rent-free in our minds (pun intended again). The biggest attraction the anime has is the main heroine who was nominated for best girl in the Crunchyroll 2021 anime awards. Rent-A-Girlfriend is a standard ecchi romcom anime that follows a male protagonist as he develops a harem. Kazuya was dumped by his girlfriend and ends up renting out a girlfriend through an app. Through an unforeseen series of comic events, Kazuya ends up having to maintain a fake relationship with the girl, Chizuru Mizuhara. This leads to him meeting and getting involved with several other rental girlfriends.

The story is quite refreshing as it follows an adult cast of college children as they address the issues and themes of adults. They deal with common college problems, family problems and worst of all, his toxic ex is trying to ruin his fake relationship. It’s definitely a plus for many older anime fans who want to have a main character who handles the same issues they face. This is a wonderful romantic comedy and adult story many are looking for.

Despite the sheer amount of mostly mediocre isekai anime, Overlord still has a seat as one of the best iseakies that has come out in the genre, and many have been waiting for season 4. It has been four years since the last season with anime that has not had a sequel in several years, get them this season and the long wait definitely pays off as it earns Overlord the third track for the most anticipated this season. However, this only shows how stacked this season is.

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Overlord has the premise of most isekai. The main character is an overwhelmed player who spent years in an MMO, and when the game was closed, he was trapped inside it, but now transferred to a fantasy world. The twist is that he’s the bad guy. Ainz Ooan Gowl has done some of the most messy things seen from an anime protagonist, ranging from torture, murder, staging a massacre or literally summoning monsters to smash and eat thousands of people alive. He has performed experiments on living people and used cruel means to gain the knowledge he needs to conquer the world he now lives in. He is not a good person, but that is also what makes the story so interesting to watch.

It’s a bit bizarre that an anime with season 1 ranked as the 53rd best anime on MyAnimeList, is in the top 100 for most popular anime on MAL and is this year’s anime for the 2018 Crunchyroll Awards, and yet it is only the second most anticipated anime this season . It will have been 5 years since this anime’s season one dropped and fans have been waiting with great anticipation for season 2. In a world where we get Isekai after isekai every season, a regular fantasy story was quite refreshing for the fans, and especially one with a darker one. more serious tone than most fantasy series we get.

The story is centered around the abyss, a gaping gorge that stretches down into the depths of the earth, filled with mysterious creatures and relics from a time long ago. Our main character, Riko, is the daughter of a white whistle diver, the highest ranking given to those who have the task of diving into the abyss and exploring the contents inside. This story is an exciting action and adventure story with intense moments that leave the fans behind. the edge of the seat or simply terrified of what is to come. Remember to watch the movie that came out in 2019 too!

Anyone who has been in the anime community for a while has heard someone say “When Devil is a part-time season 2 employee?” It has been 9 years since the release of season 1, and in the minds and hearts of many fans there had been a quiet acceptance that it would not return. But here it is, The devil is a part-time employee has come back to give the fans season 2 they have been longing for for so long.

The devil is a part-time employee is the 67th most popular anime on My Anime List and with good reason. For a long time before the transcendence of isekai anime, there was an isekai comedy that parodied the genre before the genre was widespread enough to be parodied. But instead of a normal middle school child being sent to or reincarnated into a fantasy world, we have fantasy characters transported and captured in our world. This anime is absolutely funny, at the same time as it offers a lot of action and romance for the viewer to sink into, and is not only this year’s most anticipated anime, but a potential candidate for this year’s anime.

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