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‘More Interesting Than One Piece’: Solo Leveling Fans go crazy after announcing anime adaptation, claiming it will be better than Naruto and One Piece

‘More Interesting Than One Piece’: Solo Leveling Fans go crazy after announcing anime adaptation, claiming it will be better than Naruto and One Piece

The world’s weakest hunter goes from being in a manhwa to being adapted into an anime! The quality of the artwork of “Solo Leveling” was so impressive that people thought it was impossible to adapt to an anime over the next 4 years. A veteran studio thought differently. This studio is responsible for making famous animators like Sword art online and Deleted and therefore there is no doubt about their abilities!

Solo leveling
A work of art by Solo Leveling.

The artwork of Solo Leveling

Described as the most difficult manhwa to be adapted into an anime, fans thought it impossible for a studio to animate the world-famous manhwa, but the A-1 images thought differently. A-1 images are known for their work on famous anime such as Sword art online and Deleted. Although the animators were not praised for their animations, the hard work of the team was evident. History shows Sung Jin-Woowith the title “Weakest Hunter on Earth”, he later joins expeditions to various dungeons, and while sacrificing, he earns a secret achievement that makes him a “player” in the game.

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Earlier it was reported that the monster-chasing manhwa would be helped by the famous studio Folder but there was no official confirmation. Folder has been known for making some of the best anime in the world such as Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) & Jujutsu Kaisen (who won the award “Best Anime of the Year”). But it seems all the way down the drain now when the veteran studio A-1 photos takes over the lead.

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Release date, trailer and more

jin woo and bare
Sung Jin-Woo (left) and Beru (right) artwork. (Also “Beru is the best girl” a person on Fandomwire)

A release date is set for 2023 and will include Hiroyuki Sawano as the main composer of the series. Hiroyuki Sawano is known for composing music for the titanic and rumbling (if you know what I mean) anime Attack on Titan. There is no doubt about the quality of the music produced by him. Almost forgot, here is the trailer for Solo Leveling:

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The anime will probably be adapted in its manga form, ie the prime location will be moved from Seoul to Tokyo and the names of the main characters will be Skyn Mizushino. However, no further changes in history will take place. Fans can not stay calm with this news, and they took to Twitter (of course) to express their gratitude and hype!

It seems that this is more excited (yeesh)

This tweet left a place for everyone to make their input, which led to some “interesting” conversations.

Sung Jin-Woo
A work of art with a goat Sung Jin-Woo.

Only time will tell how good anime will be or if we are facing a certain situation like the last season of Game of Thrones and some more anime caused. Stay tuned for more updates.

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