Miracle Train is one of the weirdest educational anime of all time

Miracle Train is one of the weirdest educational anime of all time

Anime is of course entertaining for many, but in some cases it has a secondary appeal. Many of these shows have an educational aspect to them, showcasing various elements of Japanese culture or concepts from around the world. A somewhat obscure anime took this idea to a rather handsome extreme.

Miracle train was created with the intention of bringing viewers up to speed on the Toei Odo train line. Of course, it does it in a way that only anime can, reimagining train stations as attractive young men. The result was one of the most bizarre forms of marketing ever, giving public transport a lovely anime transformation.

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The Miracle Train turned train stations into helpful, handsome young menMiracle Train (1)

As for weird anime “adaptations”, Miracle train definitely takes the cake. The 13-episode 2009 show was meant to promote and provide facts about the Toei Oedo train line, which runs in the city of Tokyo. Of course, the train stations themselves are not exactly stations, as they are depicted as attractive men who help those they meet throughout the day. Each of these “stations” has its own unique personality and quirks, reflecting the nature of the subway lines they are based on. For example, the stoic Roppongi Fumi is based on the steadfast Roppongi station, which is where the Oedo line begins, while the Ryogoku station is represented by the exciting Ryogoku Itsumi.

The fact that these stations are all male is linked to a supposed urban legend about only attractive men driving the trains in the subway. The people who meet these men are all young women with their own specific problems. These include things like lost dogs and other personal issues, all of which are sure to be resolved when these ladies ride the Miracle Train. This focus on trains makes sense from a Japanese perspective, as trainspotting and similar activities are incredibly popular there. Likewise, train and subway culture has taken hold due to the presence of the country’s high-speed bullet trains, making these vehicles synonymous with the cabs that once dotted New York. For those who do not know an engine from a caboose, however, it may be questionable whether they should look Miracle train.

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Miracle Train is a relaxing, laid back and episodic anime

Miracle Train Stations (1)-1

Miracle trainits 13 episodes are individual stories that contain little in the way of an overarching theme for the series. When you add the fact that it’s literally about human train stations, it makes for a pretty relaxing, simplistic affair that you don’t have to think about or pay attention to that much. In this way, it’s similar to relaxing, laid-back iyashikei anime, albeit with a much different setting than the usually more rural shows. This lack of depth holds back the staying power somewhat, but those looking for what is essentially a remix of Ouran host club with handsome train stations can’t go wrong.

The actual educational value of the series is quite strong, but not quite in the direction some might expect. The emphasis on the train stations’ real-life counterparts is somewhat minimal, but each character highlights aspects of Japanese culture that many viewers in the West may not know about, including Japanese history and even cultural cuisine. Therefore, train enthusiasts, viewers interested in Japanese history, and those just looking for a relaxing anime to relax with should head over to Crunchyroll, where they can stream Miracle train and enjoy a relaxing ride.

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