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Mamahaha no Tsurego ga Motokano datta – The Outerhaven

Mamahaha no Tsurego ga Motokano datta – The Outerhaven

I’m a sucker for romantic comedies … even if the premise looks like hot rubbish. That seems to be the case too The stepmother’s daughter is my ex (Mamahaha no Tsurego gave Motokano datta). I’ve seen this whole sibling story in love before, but this one seemed to have a twist. Can this really stand out and do something that shows that this fails to accomplish? In other words, can not this be a hot garbage guilty pleasure?

Let’s go!

Synopsis of the first episode

Mizuto and Yume find themselves as brother and sister after their parents remarry. Before marriage, they used to date, but broke up because they could not stand each other. Now they have to do something in front of the parents while hiding the past from them.

We are immediately taken to those who argue about trivial matters … for example, who should be considered the oldest sibling. Technically, it’s Yume since she was born 34 minutes before Mizuto the same day (which I thought was a pretty cheap plot unit). Then Mizuto had the audacity to argue about ancient Japan and how they decided which sibling was the oldest. It just seemed like very bad writing over an obvious answer, all for “comedy”.

Then they start their first day in high school, and while Yume makes friends, Mizuto finds out that some boys like Yume and only use him to get to her. That story goes nowhere and is in a way forgotten everything to move on to build some tension between the two while they are at home alone. Yume tries to tease Mizuto, but they end up almost falling in love with each other until their parents return in good time.

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The reason why this is important is that the whole episode sets up the main premise where the two decide to play a game with each other where they are forced to act as brother and sister, and if one of them fails, receive an error. The one with the most errors at the end of this game must recognize the other as the older sibling and address them as such … even though of all technical matters it should be Yume …

Worth seeing?

MAY BE – While the writing of the first episode was a bit pointless, it was not a total garbage fire as I expected it to be. There were some sweet moments, but it needs better balance. Going back and forth between hating each other, liking each other, tolerating each other and then behaving like caring siblings at random points is just weird. It’s as if the show was trying to find its identity instead of establishing it.

Apart from these concerns, there is room for good comedy here, but the first episode did not really have much that would be considered good. In addition, it works with a formula that will age very quickly unless it establishes a centralized plot to work everything they have set up so far around. This can very well prove to be a challenge as programs like this tend to only go for the one-time joke while throwing in a bunch of romantic suspense followed by predictable arguing.

Although this show is not going to win any awards, it has the potential to be a good time killer, which is why I give it a MAYBE instead of a NO. I see the potential here, and I want to persevere just enough to see if the show can reach it.

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That … and plus I’m a sucker for romcoms …. even if they’s pathetic. Maybe my fault?


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