Live-action Kingdom Franchise gets third film in summer 2023 – News

Live-action Kingdom Franchise gets third film in summer 2023 – News

TOHO announced during its 2023 series press conference on Tuesday that the live-action film franchise of Yasuhisa Hara‘s kingdom manga will get a third film, with a temporary title kingdom 3summer 2023.

Kento Yamazaki (pictured above, in the middle), Ryō Yoshizawa (picture above, right), Takao Osawa (pictured above left), and Kanna Hashimoto will all reprise their respective characters Shin (Xin), Ei Sei (Yin Zheng), Ōki, and Ka Ryō Ten (He Liao Diao), respectively, from the previous two films. Nana Seino, Hiroshi Tamakiand Koichi Satō from the second film will also reprise their respective characters Kyо̄ Kai, Sho Hei Kun (Lord Changping) and Ryo Fui (Lu Buwei).

Shinsuke Satō (feature film Gantz, Death Note Light up the NEW world, Bleach) returns as director. Hara and Tsutomu Kuroiwa (One Piece Film Goldfeature film Black Butler, GANTZ: Oh) go back to write the script.

The first film opened in Japan in April 2019, selling 506,861 tickets to earn ¥690,219,500 (approximately US$6.17 million) in its first three days. The film ultimately earned a total of ¥5.73 billion (approximately US$53.2 million). Funimation showed the movie at Anime Expo in July 2019, and released the film in theaters in the US and Canada in August 2019.

The second movie kingdom II: Harukanaru Daichi e (To Distant Lands) opened in Japan on July 15. The film sold 527,000 tickets in its first two days, earning 797 million yen (about $5.75 million) to rank at No. 1 in its opening weekend. The film has grossed 5.16 billion yen (about $37.8 million), making it the highest-grossing Japanese live-action film in Japan so far this year.

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Hara’s historical manga centers around the slave boy Xin and his dream of becoming a great general of the state of Qin. Xin helps Ying Zheng, the young Qin king who shares his desire to unify China, rise to power in the state. Xin does everything he can to become a supreme commander of an army capable of defeating the Seven Warring States.

The record-setting manga was launched in Shueisha‘s Weekly Young Jump magazine in 2006.

The manga’s first TV anime adaptation premiered in 2012, and a second series premiered in 2013. Funimation streamed both series in North America and released both anime series on DVD in 2016. The third anime series premiered in April 2020. The show went on hiatus after four episodes due to COVID-19, but then resumed in April 2021. Anime restarted it airs from the first episode. Funimation streamed the anime while it was airing in Japan.

The fourth series premiered on NHK General in April and was broadcast in 13 episodes. Crunchyroll streamed the anime while it was airing in Japan. The anime’s fifth series will premiere in January 2024.

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Source: Cinema Today (石井百合子)

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