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Little Witch Academia: The Perfect Intro Anime

Little Witch Academia: The Perfect Intro Anime

Many anime fans struggle to know how to introduce friends, peers or even children to the wonderful world of anime. With so many of the options containing a certain degree of sexuality or extremely heavy topics, it can be intimidating for a newcomer. However, there are a few options, and Little Witch Academy is a phenomenal first choice for those who want to share their passion. Although it has certain features that may limit the appeal, especially among more mature audiences, it still maintains its position as a solid first anime alternative. Even adults can find some joy in watching a healthy happy story.


Little Witch Academy follows the story of young Atsuko Kagari in her quest to become a great witch as her hero Shiny Chariot. In this endeavor, she attends Luna Nova, a prestigious witch school that will not only allow her to become a witch, but which was also the same school that her idol attended. But when she arrives and is assigned the shiny rod, she becomes involved in something bigger than she ever expected that will make her question everything she thought she knew about herself.

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Many anime contains sexually explicit themes that can make them difficult to watch with family or friends without fear of judgment. Little Witch Academy do not. Despite the fact that it almost exclusively shows young girls in schoolgirl uniforms, there is no sexualization of any of them. In fact, even the minimal romances are suggested more based on compatibility and emotional connection than physical attraction. In this regard, Little Witch Academy is uniquely easy to show to others.

Little Witch Academy has its ups and downs. The characters face trials and tribulations that drive them to emotional difficulties and occasional dark spots. However, unlike shows like Sword art onlineor Good sugar life, the declines are relatively tame. It addresses the feelings that any young person may feel when their worldview is challenged or when they are forced to face the truth that even their idols are human. This in turn makes it easy to show to children or to see with friends.

Many fans of anime find themselves in the challenging situation of trying to introduce children to the world of anime. Either their younger siblings or even their own children. This is unusually difficult in anime, but not with Little Witch Academy. The plot, the story and the characters all seem uniquely designed to appeal to a younger audience. The simple art style is also a bit reminiscent of American comics as much as traditional anime. This can make it a great place to let them dip their toes into the genre.


The same aspects that make it tasty for others mean that it potentially does not appeal to any audience. The relatively tame emotional span also gives the story a slightly childish aspect that may not catch the attention of adults.

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In addition, the story is quite simple with a simple goal and simple development. More mature viewers may get bored when they are able to predict some of the big revelations early in the series. However, it can be a joy to see how a story reaches its end even though the end is already known.

All in all

While Little Witch Academy may not be perfectly appealing to adults because of its simplicity, it is still the beauty of something simple done well. The grades in Little Witch Academy are real and related. Atsuko, despite being the chosen one, is described in the show as being selfish, impulsive and ruthless. These features, although shared with many anime protagonists, are usually not treated as directly as in this show. She is shown throughout the show to be forced to face these shortcomings, sometimes overcome them, and sometimes even be held back by them. The simplicity of a little girl in middle school becomes complex and worth seeing when handled so well.

More than just Atsuko, the side characters are vastly different, Constanze is dumb and just characters, Sucy is borderline emo, Lotte is a bookworm who enjoys supporting others, Jasminka is a bigger girl who loves her food, and Diana is a hereditary genius. Yet each of the girls learns to love, respect and support the others with their own unique talents. None of the girls are shown to be inferior to the others. While some excel in certain areas, no one is able to really shine without the help of others. Even more mature anime does not necessarily have the diversity shown in this show, especially not ethnic diversity, but in other ways.

If an anime lover is looking for a phenomenal way to interest children in anime Little Witch Academy is the best option. If they want a non-offensive way for an adult to facilitate anime, this is also a good option. Regardless Little Witch Academy is a solid anime with great strengths and only a major weakness that makes it worth watching even if you are a veteran anime fan.

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