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Kaguya sama season 4 remains TBA, but an anime movie is in production

Kaguya sama season 4 remains TBA, but an anime movie is in production

Since fans of the Kaguya-sama: Love is War series are looking forward to season 4, a new anime movie has just been confirmed to be in production.

2022 The Spring Anime broadcast overview is now over and on 24 Junethwe unfortunately have to say goodbye to the iconic Kaguya-sama series.

At the moment, the A-1 Pictures adaptation is the highest ranked series of the entire board, after passing the equally brilliant Spy x Family.

Although Kaguya-sama has not yet been officially renewed for season 4, it has just confirmed that a new anime movie for the franchise is underway – here’s all the fans need to know.

Kaguya-sama: Love is War season 4 renewal status explained

As previously mentioned, Kaguya-sama has unfortunately not yet been officially renewed for season 4, but as most anime fans will be aware, it should only be a matter of time before an announcement is made.

But just a matter of minutes after the final aired in Japan, it was official Twitter page for Kaguya-sama anime announced that a new anime project was under development, see below.

Kaguya-sama: Love is War – Ultra Romantic ended by adapting to volume 14 chapter 138 of Aka Akasaka’s original manga series. As of June 24ththA total of 26 Tankobon volumes have been published in Japan in 267 chapters.

This means, in addition to the manga still going on, that there is potentially enough source material for at least three more TV anime seasons!

Then we have the perception that Kaguya-sama is easily popular enough to deserve a fourth TV season. The show currently scores a series average of 8.5 / 10 on IMDB, 8.8 / 10 on RatinGraph and 95% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Kaguya Sama’s third season also received an impressive 9.15 / 10 on MyAnimeList with over 248,000 reviews and almost 500,000 members. Not only does this mean that anime is the highest ranked series in the 2022 spring, but also is the highest ranked season of the franchise so far on MAL.

“The animation is still clean and easy on the eyes as usual, and the unique stylization this performance uses is still in play and in full force. The characters, the obvious highlight of this performance, are still their interesting selves, and the interactions they have with each other are felt. natural and stays on top of the genre.OP is still an absolute banger, with Masayuki Suzuki coming back to deliver a third incredible performance in a row.The season started incredibly strong and I look forward to seeing how it ends.- Uses hinkahinkhurrrr , via MAL.

Overall, it should only be a matter of time before an official announcement regarding Kaguya-sama season 4 is shared online – but what date could the anime potentially be released on Crunchyroll?

Kaguya-sama anime movie announced

After the end of the anime series, it was a “new project”. announced for the franchise with the caption “Kaguya will tell you … New animation, production decision!”

On July 7, the August issue of Newtype magazine confirmed that this new project would be a theatrical anime film.

As reported by Anime News Network, the film will be titled “The First Kiss Never Ends” and will adapt the next story arc in the manga – which directly follows the season 3 finale.

Unfortunately, neither a trailer nor a targeted release window for the upcoming film has yet been shared, but fans can expect the film to premiere in Japanese cinemas sometime in the fourth quarter of 2023.

What date can Kaguya-sama season 4 be released?

The recent post confirming a new anime movie did not contain any information about the release window. However, we can make some early predictions about the potential release date for season 4 based on the production cycle from previous broadcasts.

The first season was announced in June 2018 and premiered in January 2019, while season 2 was revealed in October 2019 and debuted in April 2020. Finally, the confirmation of the season 3 renewal was shared in October 2020, with the broadcast starting in April 2022 .

However, it should be noted that the production of season 3 of Kaguya-sama was significantly affected by the coronavirus pandemic when the team at A-1 Studios was forced to work on the project from home.

Fortunately, A-1 is now back to working at full capacity and interestingly has an open schedule after September 2022. The Tokyo-based studio is currently working on four projects; Lycoris Recoil and Engage Kiss TV series (both premiered in July), Sword Art Online Progressive: Scherzo of a Dark Dusk and Uta no Prince-sama movies (both premiere in September).

Overall, if the new anime movie really premieres in Q4 2023 and A-1 Pictures then wants to start work on season 4, we can see Kaguya-sama return on TV as soon as the summer of 2024 – although the fall of 2024 is without a doubt a more realistic time frame.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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