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JoJo’s bizarre adventures open up about the heroes’ biggest changes

JoJo’s bizarre adventures open up about the heroes’ biggest changes

Hirohiko Araki may be in his 60s, but that does not stop the creator JoJos bizarre adventure from weaving new stories into Joestar’s world. The mangaka has recently completed the eighth part of the franchise in JoJolion, and has used the opportunity to assure the fans that a ninth part is working on the preliminary title JoJo Lands. With the anime adaptation of Stone Ocean that played a role at this year’s Anime Expo, Araki himself released new video messages to fans, one of which describes how the heroes have changed over the years.

In the video from the Anime Expo, Araki discussed the series he considers his masterpiece while sharing a new work of art for Jolyne and her booth, Stone Free, and exploring how his characters have changed over decades:

“JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures anime adaptation is celebrating its tenth year. It’s also my thirty – fifth year as I write the manga. family as part of a single bloodline.The first main character, the hero in part 1, is muscular, and then we gradually see, around part 5 with Giorno, a slender, more realistic, true-to-life young man.In part 6, of course, the hero is a young woman.

I wanted her to be strong. Now that I look back, over the last thirty-five years, the heroes, the way I drew them, have constantly changed. That may be part of the appeal of the series, or at least I think so. I hope people will continue to watch, read and enjoy JoJo. Last but not least, my best wishes to all. “

You can watch the full video from Araki below via the official Viz Media Twitter account:

This year’s Anime Expo not only gave us video messages from Hirohiko Araki, it also gave us a new trailer for Netflix’s Stone Ocean, at the same time as it confirmed that new episodes were coming on September 1 this year. When we last left Jolyne, she struggled to survive Stand attacks while also working to free her father and clear her name. Rest assured that these new episodes will have many surprises for fans after the anime adaptation.

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What do you think of Hirohiko Araki’s special message to the fans? What character design from JoJos bizarre adventure did you like best Feel free to let us know in the comments section or hit me directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk about comics, anime and Joestar’s world.

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