It’s an anime post-apocalyptic MMO, and it looks gorgeous

It’s an anime post-apocalyptic MMO, and it looks gorgeous

Last night’s Game Awards was one of the annual event’s biggest shows to date. With a plethora of surprise appearances, awards, distinguished speeches, game reveals and other oddities, it was easy to lose track of everything. But if you’re a fan of anime MMOs and you find the idea of ​​a sci-fi fantasy adventure focused on rebuilding the future after an apocalypse appealing, Bandai Namco and Amazon Games might have something pretty cool in store for you. It’s called Blue protocol, and it will ship next year as a free-to-play title on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series consoles. Oh, and you can sign up for a free, closed beta expected in the near future.

Blue protocol was originally announced back in 2019. And while what we saw during yesterday’s trailer for the anime MMO was pretty fresh, fans have gotten a look at the game before via server tests, and there’s been some speculation and discussion about it over the years on the game’s unofficial subreddit. It’s otherwise been a little elusive though, with some worried about the game’s development given the lack of updates. But yesterday’s trailer at the Game Awards proved that development is very active, and the game is coming next year. It also revealed that Amazon Games, which previously published Lost sheet and New world, will act as publisher. Check out yesterday’s trailer here:

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I mean, come on, this looks pretty cool. And there’s plenty of potential in the premise, described by executive producer Sokichi Shimmoka as “a project that takes players on a heroic journey through a planet fleeing the brink of destruction after millennia of conflict and overuse of technology.” Details about the gameplay, which offers five different classes to choose from, an “action-based battle system” and neat summons called “Echoes”, are featured on the game’s official website.

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While many are probably excited to see some new footage of this game, perhaps one of the more surprising twists is that Amazon Games will publish the MMO. In a statement to The VergeAmazon’s vice president of gaming, Cristoph Hartmann, talked about the experience of working with the team behind it Lost sheet earlier and emphasized that the lessons learned from that game will be transferred to the publisher’s support for Blue protocol. And based on the statements of Hartmann as well as Shimmoka, Blue protocol may have some broader IP plans with potential “transmedia opportunities.”

With a nice mix of science fiction and fantasy aesthetics, and a focus on bringing some hope and positivity to a doomed world, it’s great to see more post-apocalyptic stories that are about striving for something meaningful. The post-apocalypse is all too often a narrative space of doom and gloom, without particularly meaningful reflection. Let’s hope Blue protocol changes it a bit.

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