Is A Naruto Anime Remake In The Works? Expected release window, Where to watch and more

Is A Naruto Anime Remake In The Works?  Expected release window, Where to watch and more

Naruto completed its second decade as an anime on October 3rd of this year, with the anime community erupting to celebrate the shonen icon.

With Studio Pierrot releasing a ten-minute short video in honor of the legendary Big Three member’s 20th birthday, and rumors of an official remake swirling, fans are wondering if this newly animated treat heralds a reboot of the series. Let’s find out more about it, shall we?

Want Naruto get an official remake?

It should be stated at once that no official announcement of a Naruto remake is made. Based on the new animated video, there has been speculation that the production company may decide to re-release the show with a new animation. However, no official sources have addressed the rumours, so it’s safe to assume that the series won’t be returning to screens anytime soon.

That said, the franchise has teased another announcement for Jump Festa 2023, which will take place on December 17, 2022. It is widely believed that the remake will be confirmed on that day.

The NARUTO Franchise teases a new announcement for December 17th, 2022 at Jump Festa 2023.

The new PV “Road of Naruto” that got people excited was released by Studio Pierrot’s YouTube channel and Viz Media and features highlights from Naruto and Shippuden. It was a nostalgia-inducing treat for fans, taking them back to some of the iconic scenes from the epic tale, edited over the beloved songs from the OG series.

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Some industry titans have made big comebacks this year, including the final arc of Bleach, The Millennium Blood Warand the official remake of Rurouni Kenshin series in 2023, as well as a manga adaptation of the Boruto light novel, Sasuke Retsuden.

This trend has sparked the OG Kishimoto classic to return as well. Right now, unfortunately, it doesn’t go beyond wishful thinking unless the next Jump Festa announcement turns the tables for good.

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Fans have been vocal about wanting to see more of Naruto and his comrades, as evidenced by the comments below the new PV video on YouTube. The sheer outpouring of love and appreciation upon the release of the video was immense and is a testament to the cultural impact the series has achieved over the years.

Some of the fandom has also raised the question of whether a remake is really necessary, with many arguing that it could seem forced and overworked, potentially taking away from the charm and nostalgic significance of the OG series. Whatever the case may be, fans are encouraged to wait for official confirmation about the remake without jumping to conclusions.

Naruto is a modern gem that has managed to stay relevant even after all these years, and still outperform its spin-off Boruto. The original run of the series has created its own legacy over the years, which is respected and valued now, no matter what may come next for the beloved franchise.

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