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Ice Queendom confirms the number of episodes

Ice Queendom confirms the number of episodes

RWBY has finally made its full anime debut as part of the incredibly packed anime plan for the summer of 2022, and the series has confirmed how many episodes RWBY: Ice Queendom will stick with its new premiere. Rooster Teeth’s original animated series is preparing for the ninth volume of its series, but fans looking for new material from the franchise can get a whole new look to the series with its first full entry into the anime world. With the summer as competitive as it is this year, there is a lot of fans hoping to see from this new adaptation.

RWBY: Ice Queendom originally premiered the first three episodes early as part of a special event before the anime had its official summer premiere, and now with the series starting its full schedule, fans have been made aware of how long it will keep its first order. According to the series’ official Twitter and website, RWBY: Ice Queendom will run in 12 episodes sold in a single Blu-ray and DVD release overseas. This means that it will stick to a single cour for its first anime outing.

It is too early to say whether or not RWBY: Ice Queendom will have a second season, nor what the plans are for their international home media releases, but 12 episodes provide a solid cour experience. Given that the original series has been going on for so long, there is plenty of material to adapt for future seasons if desired. If you wanted to check out RWBY: Ice Queendom While it airs this summer, you can find it streaming with Rooster Teeth FIRST and Crunchyroll. They officially describe the new series as such:

“In the world of Remnant, a place where science and adventure coexist, human civilization is plagued by deadly monsters known as Grimm. For a time, victory of Grimm seemed almost certain, if not for the heroism of those who were sworn to protect humanity – Huntsmen and Huntresses. These warriors are trained and put together in teams at schools like the Beacon Academy, where Ruby meets Weiss and Blake – and form Team RWBY with Ruby’s sister, Yang. the greatest hunters the world of Remnant have ever known, they face a gruesome threat … ”

How do you like RWBY’s anime debut so far? Are these enough episodes for the first full anime? What do you hope to see before RWBY: Ice Queendom ends the race? Let us know all your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even contact me directly about everything that is animated and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!

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