How Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War Sets the Standard for Reviving Anime

How Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War Sets the Standard for Reviving Anime

Many anime fans claim that the success of Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War could pave the way for more anime series in the future.

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War seems to have set a golden standard for future anime revivals.

Released in October this year, Millennium Blood War is currently the highest-rated series on MyAnimeList’s “Top Airing Anime” chart, beating out other major contenders with an impressive 9.10 rating. As described on the popular anime site Honey’s Anime, Bleach’s a wildly successful comeback has sparked a conversation about why other studios should invest in reviving older anime.

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Where Bleach succeeds in rebooting itself

Honey’s Anime claims so Millennium Blood War sets a solid example for other series. The show “pays heavy homage to the original anime with similar music but updated tunes,” satisfying old and new fans alike. They also point that out Bleach benefited from a more polished animation style than its 2004 predecessor, saying it “looks like the original, but sharper and more focused on the source material.” Other creators are also taking advantage of the modern age of animation to revive older shows. An example is Orange’s Trigun remake, titled Trigun: Stampede, who showcased his CG animation at Anime NYC this year.

Honey’s analysis also highlights the fact that many older series ended prematurely, either due to a perceived lack of viewership from the series creators or other reasons. They cite the example of Yoshihiro Togashi Hunter X Hunter manga, which still has strong fan support despite the author taking several breaks for health-related reasons. IN Bleach’s In the event, fan devotion continued after the original series ended via “social media and other various outlets” which presumably caught Pierrot’s attention and led to serious discussions of a Bleach revival.

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Bleach Anime is timeless and nostalgic

According to Honey, the case for revivals of the series is also strengthened by the “timeless” quality of the anime, with the popularity of shows such as Pokémon, Case closed and Gundam persists for decades after its release. Certain shows, like Yu-Yu Hakusho, aired back in the 90s, but still has active fan bases that voraciously follow the franchise’s development and campaigns on social media, showing that interest in a series can continue long after the last episode has aired. It seems that more anime studios are picking up on this fact. In addition to the aforementioned Trigun reboot, there is also a TV reboot in the works for Kentaro Miura Berserk.

Directed by Tomohisa Taguchi, Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War returns to the supernatural world of “Substitute Soul Reaper”, Ichigo Kurosaki as he fights to stop an all-out war from breaking out between Soul Society and a rogue faction called “the Wandenreich”. As this conflict unfolds, Ichigo also discovers that his crusade to rid the world of evil spirits called Hollows is causing negative rebound effects on the Shinigami world. Masakazu Morita and Fumiko Orikasa reprized their roles as protagonists Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki, respectively.

The original 2004 Bleach series and Millennium Blood War is available for streaming on Hulu.

Source: Honey’s Anime

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