Honkai Impact 3rd is getting a two-part anime celebrating the Lunar New Year

Honkai Impact 3rd is getting a two-part anime celebrating the Lunar New Year

To commemorate the Lunar New Year, HoYoverse’s hit action game Honkai Impact 3rd is getting a new anime adaptation.

Shared on Twitter by anime news account @AniNewsAndFacts, the upcoming web animation, titled Golden courtyard, will consist of two parts and will be launched on 20 January. Although few plot details are currently available, promotional artwork shows several characters fighting in a snowball fight. The developers of Honkai Impact 3rd has yet to clarify if, or how, this series will tie into the canon of its video game counterpart.

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This is not the first time Honkai Impact 3rd has been given an animated treatment. In 2020, a slice-of-life style series titled Cooking with Valkyries was released, featuring the game’s cast making various recipes. Although the series itself is not considered canon for the game, certain episodes were inspired by canon events.

In July of the following year, another animated adaptation, titled ELF Academy, debuted. This comedy series revolves around beings called ELFS, humanoid weapons designed to fight the Honkai who gradually developed sentience and began to live alongside humans. This series ran for only 10 episodes, ending in September 2021.

Honkai Impact’s beginnings

The mobile version of Honkai Impact 3rd launched on October 14, 2016, before the explosive popularity of HoYoverse’s follow-up title, Genshin influence, in many years. The game’s setting involves a cyclical, world-shattering phenomenon called Honkai, which ravages human civilization as plagues, natural disasters, and monsters called Honkai Beasts. The ongoing battle against Honkai is waged by warriors called Valkyries (also called Valkyrja), who often face conflict from opposing groups that seek to harness Honkai’s power for their own ends.

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The game’s combat system is heavily combo-based, with players using the Valkyrie’s large moveset to sustain long lines of attack against enemies. Honkai popularity led to the launch of a PC edition in October 2021.

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Plus Golden courtyardan anime adaptation for Genshin influence is also on the horizon. HoYoverse teams up with animation studio ufotable (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Fate/Zero) to produce an animated series based on the hit game. In September, ufotable released a concept trailer, along with stunning promotional art featuring several main characters, including Luther, Aether, Paimon, Zhongli, and Ningguang, among others. As of now, this series does not have an official title or release window.

Golden courtyard debuts on January 20. Honkai Impact 3rd is now available for iOS, Android and PC.

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