Fist of the North Star artist creates an intense anime ad for McDonald’s Japan

Fist of the North Star artist creates an intense anime ad for McDonald’s Japan

Tetsuo Hara, artist of the Fist of the North Star manga, creates a new McDonald’s ad featuring a macho hero drawn in the style of his famous series.

McDonald’s recently launched a new ad with animation by Tetsuo Hara, lead artist for Fist of the North Star.

The ad features a buff protagonist scaling a rocky cliff face in search of the “Samurai Mac,” a new sandwich that will be available in Japanese McDonald’s stores starting January 4. This sandwich has two different varieties, each priced at 500 yen (about $3.75) at the time of writing.)

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The version that the macho hero is shown eating at the end of the video is called “Wafu Barbecue Tamago Nikuatsu Beef”, a cheeseburger with a thick piece of egg with Japanese-style barbecue sauce and hatcho miso sauce, a premium miso paste produced in Aichi Prefecture in Japan. The other variation of the Samurai Mac is the “Ninniku Zakugiri Potato Nikuatsu Beef,” a beef burger with an extra potato patty, smoked bacon, and spicy garlic chili and pepper sauces.

The Fist of the North Star Manga

Tetsuo Hara created the original Fist of the North Star manga along with Buronson, who wrote the story. The manga was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from 1983 to 1988. Toei Animation and Studio Live adapted the series into a 109-episode anime, which aired on Fuji Television from October 1984 to March 1987. A second season consisting of 43 episodes followed, which was aired from March 1987 to February 1988. Set in the remnants of a post-nuclear future, the series revolves around a man named Kenshiro, the rightful successor of the Hokuto School of Martial Arts, who competes against the rival Nanto School. One day, Shin, a representative of Nanto, kidnaps Kenshiro’s girlfriend, Julia, which sets Ken on a mission to rescue her. Despite Shin’s villainous actions, the primary antagonist in the series is actually Kenshiro’s older brother, Raoh, who aspires to become the ultimate martial arts master and fights with Kenshiro for the inheritance of Hokuto.

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The First of the North Star franchise has gained a large following over the years, with over 100 million copies of the manga sold worldwide. The series’ popularity subsequently led to several additional animated series, films, and spinoff manga. The most recent Fist of the North Star spinoff manga, serialized in Comic Zenon starting October 25, 2021, is titled Fist of the North Star Side Story: Genius Amiba’s Another World Overlord Legend – Even if I go to another world, I am a genius!! Huh? was i wrong… Written by Sokra Nishiki with art by Natto Gohan, this long-titled isekai manga revolves around the character Amiba, a self-proclaimed genius from the original manga who believed he could surpass everyone in learning martial arts. In this story, Amiba is defeated by Kenshiro and then transported to a new world.

Fist of the North Star is available for streaming on Crunchyroll. The manga is available in English from VIZ Media.

Source: YouTube, via Soranews24

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