Finale in the Mob Psycho 100 Hypes series with a new campaign

Finale in the Mob Psycho 100 Hypes series with a new campaign

Mob Psycho 100 is preparing to end its anime adaptation, with Studio BONES releasing a new promo to prepare fans to say their final goodbyes to the likes of Mob, Reigen and the other psychics who helped make ONE’s story to a success. With this season featuring plenty of high-octane action moments along with emotional beats that made for some tear-jerking moments, a new video looks back to the past while hinting at how the story of the young psychic will come to an end.

Mob’s Story is not only an anime that gives fans some of the biggest fights in the medium, as the main character’s fights can often lead to large parts of an environment being torn apart as a result, but it is one that has created an interesting character study for the humble almighty hero. Reigen’s student has come a long way since the series’ early days, discovering herself and making many friendships along the way. No matter how Mob Psycho 100 plans to end its anime, there will surely be many anime fans who will be heartbroken not to experience more journeys in this universe.

Goodbye Mob Psycho 100

The official Twitter account for Mob Psycho 100 has released a heartbreaking new video that takes us through Reigen’s past with the Mob, showcasing some of the funny and heartfelt moments that helped propel the series from ONE to new heights in the anime community over the years:

While Mob Psycho 100s anime is coming to an end, another of ONE’s major titles is set to return as One Punch Man has been confirmed for a third season. At the moment, a studio has yet to be revealed that will portray the continuing struggle of Saitama against the Garou and the Monster Association, although whichever production house takes the job will have some serious work ahead of them based on the events that take place in the manga.

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On top of these two previous works from mangaka ONE, the artist has recently embarked on a new story titled “Versus”, which sees a group of warriors battling a massive demonic horde for the future of humanity. Although not yet confirmed for an anime adaptation, the series looks set to be a major TV series if/when it makes it to the small screen.

Will you be sad to see Mob and friends leave their anime? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk about all things comics, anime and the Mob world.

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