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Fan team Dragon Ball Anime unleashes a Ghost Rider-like Super Saiyan Goku

Fan team Dragon Ball Anime unleashes a Ghost Rider-like Super Saiyan Goku

Studio Stray Dog is releasing a fan-made animated short film entitled Legend: A Dragon Ball Tale, which sets Goku on fire in a fiery Super Saiyan form.

A fan-made animated short film inspired by Dragon Ball sees Vegeta and Goku fight Broly in an action-packed alternative reality.

Legend: A Dragon Ball Tale is a fan-made anime short film made by Studio Stray Dog. The project was released on YouTube along with a message thanking series creator Akira Toriyma for inspiring “a generation of fans”. The eleven-minute short film is full of action inspired by the animated style of the original anime, with Goku at the center in a fiery, bestial Super Saiyan form. Bright colors and bold music give the fan-made shorts life when Vegeta fights with Goku, and goes up against Broly in a classic Dragon Ball fight scene. The film is open, leaving much for viewers to speculate as Vegeta tries to convince Goku to take up his role as a Saiyan warrior.

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Dragon Ball is one of the most popular manga / anime series of all time, with over 300 million copies of the manga in circulation. The series has existed since the 1980s, and since its debut, both anime and manga have become enormously influential. Not only is Dragon Ball the second best-selling manga series of all time, many manga artists have cited it as a source of inspiration for their own works. In addition, Dragon Ball Z is the most popular Battle Shonen anime ever made. The series has maintained its relevance over the past 40 years, and new content is still being released today, with Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero set for release in August 2022. Dragon Ball has undoubtedly become a staple in the anime genre, and has greatly influenced the popularity of anime worldwide.

The classic series is loosely based on a traditional Chinese folk tale called Travel to the West. Dragon Ball follows Son Goku, a boy with a monkey tail, and his journey to collect all seven titular Dragon Balls: mysterious objects that, when combined, have the power to summon a wishing dragon. Despite the light-hearted and humorous character of the series’ first couple of bows, Dragon BallThe fantastic tone shifts to a more action-packed approach later, as the characters deal with new threats from across the universe. Like the world of Dragon Ball grows, so do the villains – but Goku and his friends are there to save the day with their martial arts expertise.

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Dragon Ball can be streamed through Crunchyroll and Funimation, with selected seasons available through Hulu. The manga is available in English through Viz Media.

Source: YouTube

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