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Episode 4 – BLUELOCK – Anime News Network

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You know, for a series that practically shouted to the audience that it’s going to be different from other sports anime by primarily focusing on individual egotists fighting for a chance at the top, I was surprised at how expansive and almost friendship focused this was episode was. Last week was a little hard to judge as it felt very much like the show was laying the foundation or introduction to one of the main thematic ideas. Given the general pace of most other sports anime, I guess I expected the question to be answered in this episode, so I was surprised that a lot of it was still set up. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot that happened in this episode, but there’s no definitive end point, and I’m a little shocked that the show is taking the time to flesh all of this out. On the one hand, it can talk about how certain the writing is regarding how the pay will be worth it. Or at worst, it could be the animation staff stretching out the material so as not to wade through too much of the manga from the jump.

Team Z must not lose their next match or everyone will be disqualified, so in order to compromise on highlighting everyone’s individual qualities while focusing as a team, everyone is going to rotate their positions in an attempt to support whoever takes points after every 10 minutes. Some of these special skills make sense like the ability to hit the ball with your left foot or having a good dribbling ability, but others just feel a bit lazy and uninspired like a “never give up attitude”. I’m not sure if there’s a joke there or if the author just didn’t want to come up with individual skills for all the players. We know our main character is going to be the linchpin of all of this as he focuses on discovering what his special ability is, and I’m going to guess it has something to do with his ability to instinctively make split second decisions . I like the fact that he seems to be the only person actively paying attention to the other team. It’s ironic that the series again started out pushing this solidarity mentality, and yet I wonder if the main skill of our main character is that he puts the most emphasis on everyone’s individual skills, which would not only make him an ideal striker, but also a very good teammate. I wonder if that’s the balance they’re going for, but I guess we’ll just have to wait another week or two to see what this payout ultimately is.


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