Episode 11 – Do It Yourself!!

Episode 11 – Do It Yourself!!

What if I told you that the season’s most satisfying and romantic character arc involved an incurable tsundere girl who finally admits her love for carpentry? While in the literal sense, Do it yourself!!its primary focus has been getting the treehouse off the ground, the show’s main construction project has been building the scaffolding to support this very moment between Purin and her friends. With each stubborn pout from Purin and each dazzling smile from Serufu, the prospect of their eventual reconciliation grew all the sweeter. And now that it’s here, it’s delightfully cavity-inducing.

The anime achieves this climax thanks to all the work it put into making Purin so perfectly bully- I howled at the friendly scolding Jobko gave her in front of everyone, revealing her many secret contributions to the club. But the series’ excellent sense of craftsmanship manages to follow through. Not since the early episodes has their body language been so charming and expressive, nor has the detail on their faces been so precise. Even the distance models are full of life, with their lean limbs wagging and their piercing eyes wide with intent. Purin’s acceptance into the club feels like the most natural thing ever. She has, in a real sense, always been a part of it. She’s just being honest about it now.

Seeing Purin being honest around Serufu is especially satisfying. It’s not as if their friendship has ever been in any serious danger—DIY is too airy for that – but after all Purin’s childish stubbornness and close calls with confessing her feelings, it’s nice to see the two exchange fruit sandwiches with nothing but smiles between them. Their bedtime scene is particularly potent, recapitulating their usual window-to-window chat while cutting to Purin’s unfettered glee behind the curtains. It is difficult to read the light-legged bed flop as anything but romantic. Still, I have to crown Takumin as this week’s Yuri queen for the great commitment she shows in creating, installing and appreciating her Sunflower Girls– stained glass with a theme.

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Purin’s conversion to the DIY side also sets a nice arc for the series’ thematic foundation, as articulated by Haruko last week. None of the supposed oldness and mustiness could keep Purin from the instinctive sense of satisfaction that only a piece of smooth, well-sanded wood can provide. And beyond that, I think DIYThe real argument is that these slow, deliberate and tactile ways will only become more important as technology advances. These democratic collections of knowledge and techniques are valuable both on their own and as ways to help better shape technology. We continue to see this with the use of “AI” art. I think it’s certainly possible for machine learning and generation to be valuable tools for artists, but to do so, they need to be built in interaction with those artists and their craft. They must be as humble and reliable as a brush or palette knife. Disruptive AI tools can only benefit those who have their keys. They have no place in it DIYhis toolbox.

Before I get too philosophical on myself though, I have to add the disclaimer that I have no idea what I’m talking about when it comes to DIY. My stupid ass thought wood studs would be the size of a pencil, so imagine my surprise when Kurei pulled out a TAB the size of a lightsaber handle. That size makes a lot more sense now that I’ve thought about it, but it’s also a good, teachable moment. You only learn DIY by doing. It’s in the name! An anime as well done as this certainly goes a long way in communicating the appeal of DIY, but to reach the actual rewards and joys of these projects, you have to roll up your sleeves and get messy. That is life.

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I am very happy Do it yourself!! not only stayed so consistent all season, but managed to put together an above-and-beyond episode for its climax. In the grand scheme of things, these are minor conflicts and modest projects, but the anime has always focused on the seriousness of the characters, and that’s what has made it special. It will be hard to say goodbye to this show next week. Maybe in the meantime I’ll build a bucket to hold all my tears.


Do it yourself!! currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

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