Episode 11-12 – Pop Team Epic Season 2

Episode 11-12 – Pop Team Epic Season 2

I had plans, you guys. Big plans. For this last set of Pop Team Epic reviews, I intended to take you on a comprehensive tour of every twist and turn of this entire daggum season; it was going to be the kind of stupidly in-depth and detailed flashback that would cement my rightful legacy as a completely self-indulgent windbag who regularly inflicts word count PTSD on my wonderful editors.

Then, as luck would have it, my brand new computer decided to crap its pants and bore itself completely, meaning hours of work (and so, so many screenshots) are now lost to the limbo of my unresponsive hard drives. So it goes.

But to hell! Maybe it was a sign from the pop-ish gods that my approach was foolish to begin with, because after all, if I had gone with my original plan, I might not have given this season finale its due, and just a broken and desperate sociopath would dare to respect Shota Aoihis magnum opus, Infinite LOVE. That’s what makes this, the second season finale of anime’s greatest extended shitpost, King Shit of Dookie Mountain.

As I wrote way back in my preview guide for this series, Infinite LOVE is the biggest tokusatsu action series ever made, and this grand conclusion to Shouta’s Saga surpasses all of that Super Sentai, Kamen Rider or Ultraman ever produced. die mad, Shin Godzilla. Garo can straight up eat my farts. Do any of these crap series have the beautifully lashing lashes of cinema’s biggest star, Shota Aoi? Don’t any of them give us one, but two Nakamuras, each of which is played and/or voted by two different Yuichi Nakamura’s? Are any of them creating a multiversal canon that immediately explains the existence of every version of Popuko and Pipimi that ever existed?

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The answer is no, of course not, because only one man has had the foresight and brilliance to take the potential of fiction itself and drag it, kicking and screaming, into the realm of perfection. That man is Shota Aoi. I’m just gonna say it: Kevin Feige should be shaking in his boots, since that montage of dozens of cardboard cutout Popukos and Pipimis wailing on Nishikawa accomplished more in two minutes than the MCU has in, say, twenty goddamn movies.

I will not pretend that review Pop Team Epic has been easy for me. I have had many psychotic breakdowns. I continue to be haunted by evil dolls and cursed video tapes. Every single time I see peas or people flipping the bird, I black out for at least thirty minutes and wake up covered in blood that I suspect may not be my own. But for this? It has all been worth it. I don’t just mean the crippling psychological trauma or the irreparable damage to my career prospects either; I mean everything. History. Civilization. Art. The whole mouth. It has led up to this. Even if Elon Musk manages to melt the entire internet tomorrow and the earth is finally swallowed by the ocean, we as a species can at least embrace our inevitable destruction with the knowledge we did. We won. Pop out your spine and dance.


Pop Team Epic Season 2 is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

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