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Each Pokémon Anime character in Pokémon yellow

Each Pokémon Anime character in Pokémon yellow

Pokémon Yellow Version character references range from the obvious and simple to those that even avid anime fans may not immediately notice.

Pokémon Yellow make several adjustments Pokémon red and blue which refers to Pokémon anime, including those with regard to characters. Pokémon yellow released in 1998 after the game series and anime were launched to popularity. Some of the choices it makes to associate these two different formats Pokémon together are clear in an instant. YellowThe most obvious anime attachment feature is that it gives the player a Pikachu starter that goes with them outside of Poké Ball, for example. However, it also contains more subtle anime-nics, and even as a subcategory of references, Pokémon yellow versionthe cries of the characters range from the obvious and simple to those that even avid anime fans may not notice immediately.


Something of YellowThe more subtle reference changes to characters are purely cosmetic and do not change who these characters are. The art of spirits for Pokémon yellow has changed from Red and blueand although the updated art often enhances the characters’ resemblance to their anime counterparts – for example, by increasing the agility of the rival’s hair or by dressing Brock in a colorful vest – it rarely does more than that.

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But Pokémon yellow also completely adds and replaces several generic NPCs with characters familiar to anime viewers. For example, the player fights unnamed Team Rocket grunts in all their encounters with the crime Pokémon red and blue. But Yellow replaces most of these grunts with Jessie and James, the anime’s recurring comic antagonists. They fight against the player’s team not only with Meowth, but with Ekans and Koffing who act as their partner Pokémon early in the show. Nurses at the Pokémon Centers seen in Red and blue has simple outfits and long straight hair. Yellow replaces them with nurses wearing the iconic hat and hoop hairstyle that mark them as the anime’s Pokémon Center Nurse Joys. In the same way, the player will meet police officers with the flared hairstyle of Officer Jenny on Yellowtheir upper world, one of them will give them a Squirtle.

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This Squirtle is one of several non-human anime characters to receive colleagues in Yellow, along with the player’s Pikachu and Team Rocket duo’s partners. Officer Jenny tells the player that she took Squirtle for causing mischief before handing it over to them, and anime protagonist Ash’s Squirtle leads a gang of mischievous guys of his kind before joining his team. Chansey accompanies Nurse Joys at Pokémon Centers. Team Rocket boss Giovanni has a Pokémon team inside Yellow which includes the Persian he has as a companion in the show. Training leader Erika fights with a Victreebel and a Vileplume Red and bluebut Yellow they replace the Pokémon with their pre-evolutions to match the Weepinbell and Gloom that Ash fights against in the anime. Koga fights with Venonat and Venomoth as his show counterpart instead of with his Red and blue team of Koffing, Weezing and Muk. Sabrina swaps both Mr. Mime and Venomoth with Abra on her show team, while Blaine joins her show counterpart in using a Ninetales.

The Pokémon Yellow version includes Sneakier Anime Cameos

ash's kanto pokemon team bulbasaur charmander pikachu squirtle

The Charmander and Bulbasaur that the player can receive are remarkable not only for representing Charmander and Bulbasaur on Ash Ketchum’s Pokémon team, but for the NPCs associated with them. The player gets Charmander from a character who claims that he has considered releasing the Fire type for being poorly trained. This means that he is Damian, who owned Ash’s Charmander before leaving it due to perceiving it as weak. Meanwhile, a character who claims to care for injured Pokémon returns to the health player Bulbasaur, and Ash receives Bulbasaur from a girl named Melanie with the same profession.

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The latest anime characters that appeared in Pokémon yellow do it in the same way as Damian and Melanie: not by name, but implicitly via the Pokémon associated with them and how the player meets them. On Yellowhis version of Route 6, the player can battle a male Jr. coach and a female Jr. coach who fight with a Weepinbell and a Cubone, respectively. These pocket monster trainers represent Pokémon anime characters named Joe and Giselle, a Weepinbell owner and a Cubone owner Ash and his friends meet during a brief visit to a Pokémon training school. Meanwhile, a Youngster on YellowRoute 9’s using a Sandshrew represents AJ, a young unofficial trainer. Ash and the company meet Joe and Giselle’s school and AJ’s Gym between Cerulean and Vermilion City, and routes 6 and 9 are each connected to one of these cities.

Some Pokémon Yellow NPCs are unclear about who they are

Oddly enough, Pokémon yellow also introduces a couple of NPCs that do not appear to refer to anime in any specific way. IN Pokémon red and blue, the player can battle against three Bug Catcher trainers in the Viridian Forest. Bug Catchers is still present in Yellow, but they are joined by a fourth along with a member of the Lass coaching class. Ash and Misty just meet another coach while visiting the forest Pokémon anime’s first season besides Team Rocket and themselves. That trainer is a Pinsir and Metapod trainer who calls himself a Samurai. Two of Yellow‘s Bug Catchers use Metapod, but none of the four use a Pinsir, so no one stands out as potential references to Samurai. That said, Viridian Forest is the site of several notable events in the anime, such as Ash’s acquisition of Pidgeotto and Butterfree. The purpose behind the extra meetings may not go deeper than making the forest a more eventful place in Yellow to reflect the show status.

While Pokémon yellow sold and reviewed well in advance of its release, it did not do so completely without controversy. Someone found the game different enough from Pokémon Red and blue to make it a valuable experience, even for someone who has already played one of these games. Others disagreed, feeling that the game’s existence seemed cash – a criticism that Nintendo continues to face for releasing multiple versions of each new mainline Pokémon game. Others recommended it only as an alternative Red and blue rather than as something to play as a supplement to either. Wherever they may have fallen, however, it is likely that many Pokémon Fans who kept up with the first days of the anime enjoyed seeing what cameos and references they could see in Yellow.

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