Dropkick on My Devil Anime Meets Crowdfunding Goal in One Hour

Dropkick on My Devil Anime Meets Crowdfunding Goal in One Hour

The murderous devil, Jashin-chan, will make a comeback, as the creators of Dropkick on My Devil reached their latest crowdfunding goal in just one hour.

The popular comedy anime, Dropkick on My Devilreached its expensive crowdfunding goal for season 4 in less than an hour.

As described by Otaku USA Magazine, the series’ creators lacked the funds to animate the planned season, as the production cost of a cour, or part, of an anime costs around 300 million yen (about 2.281 million at the time of writing. ) By approaching fans for help, on November 30 the show’s creators set a crowdfunding goal of ¥30 million (equivalent to about $228,885), hoping to at least raise enough funds to produce an OVA, if not Season 4 in its entirety. However, the series reached this initial goal within one hour, and as of December 18, has raised ¥60,800,166 (approximately $462,598) from over 1,000 contributors. The promotion will remain open until January 13.

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Dropkick on My Devil Experienced Crowdfunding Controversy

His dropkick creators also faced problems with the financing of Season 3 due to a financial dispute with Japan’s Furano City. This dispute took place due to controversial dialogue in an episode of Drop kick which the city’s committee found “harmful” for the region’s image. During Season 3, Episode 9, the series’ characters visit Furano City as sightseers, but at one point a character named Medusa announces, albeit in a comically exaggerated manner, that she must “sell her organs to pay for her debt to city.”

Furano City, which had promised to pay publicity funds for the episode under Japan’s Furusato Nozei system, deemed this joke “socially unacceptable” and subsequently refused to finance the episode’s expensive ¥33 million (approximately $251,075) price tag. Furano City’s mayor, Taketoshi Kita, publicly condemned this decision, stating that “interfering and criticizing freedom of speech is a regrettable thing.”

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Artist Yukiwo created the original Jashin-chan Dropkick manga, which began serialization in the online magazine Comic Meteor in April 2012. Nomad’s animated adaptation revolves around a witch named Yurine Hanazono who summons Jashin-chan from Hell. While the two share an apartment together in Tokyo, Jashin-chan often makes elaborate plans to assassinate Yurine, thereby freeing her and allowing her to return home. However, these assassination attempts often backfire in comical ways. Taku Yamada directed season 3 along with Chief Director, Hikaru Sato. Kazuyuki Fudeyasu (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, The Time I Was Reincarnated as a Slime) and Momoko Murakami wrote season 3’s script. Aina Suzuki and Nichika Omori play Jashin-chan and Yurine Hanazono respectively.

Season 1 of Dropkick on My Devil is available on Prime Video.

Source: Otaku USA Magazine

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