Dorodere Anime character is even more dangerous than Yanderes

Dorodere Anime character is even more dangerous than Yanderes

Anime fans are well aware of the most popular -Dere types, but even with many types identified, many remain unknown. Next to Tsunderes, the Yandere characters are the most recognizable, but not for many positive reasons. With their most notable trait being a murderous tendency, they are considered the most dangerous – but in reality that honor goes to another -Dere type.

The first thought that always comes to mind with a Yandere is the image of the homicidal maniac who kills in the name of his loved one. To some extent there is some truth in this. But killing does not always mark a Yandere; these are inherently characters obsessed with their romantic feelings. Although the chance of a dangerous Yandere is possible, the unrecognizable Dorodere will always bring tragedy and pain when least expected.

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Yandere are not always a threat

Kagura waves happily in the Fruits Basket.

Yanderes have long been seen as murderous and sneaky, going to extremes all for the sake of love. Some of them can act threatening to those around their love interest – like Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan — while others will abuse their love interest, like Kagura Sohma from Fruit basket. There is no doubt an unhealthy mentality to the Yanderes, but not all of them cause irreparable damage to their respective series. Some even grow out of their worst tendencies and show that at their core they are just in love and don’t know how to control their emotions.

Of course, the existence of the tamer Yandere does not excuse the actions of the more extreme, which bring emotional, mental and physical harm. The murderous and/or manipulative Yanderes are still a danger, but the different variations of this kind don’t always result in someone else getting hurt. The promise of danger comes with Dorodere instead.

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Doroderes always aim to cause harm

Nana Hiiragi in Talentless Nana

Hidden beneath a fake smile, Dorodere is completely bitter and hateful at the core. Whether they are truly in love or not, they become involved in a romantic relationship to use their partner for their own selfish ends. However, there are cases where they avoid a romance despite their feelings and will put a target on their love interest’s back regardless.

The first example of this type came from the video game Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica. Appearing at first as a loving boyfriend of the main character Croix, the character Luca uses him to try to revive her sister. It’s when Luca’s plans fall apart that she reveals her resentful personality and unexpectedly turns on the heroes.

Mostly emotional damage was shared in this case, but some characters like Nana Hiiragi from Talentless Nana will become violent and attack his so-called friends at a given time. It is safe to say that Dorodere has dangerous intentions in all his actions that the audience will never be able to predict.

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Yanderes can show their crazy with pride, Doroderes will hide theirs

yandere kagura sohma compared to dorodere nana hiiragi

With the exception of the manipulative variations, Yanderes show their true emotions directly, so one can at least be expected to break into a frenzy. Doroderes are completely unpredictable due to their ability to hide negative thoughts and feelings under a friendly exterior. The common Yandere will easily intimidate others, while the Dorodere draw them in with their deceptive persona. In fact, whenever a Dorodere reveals its true self, the victim in question is never prepared to fight back; because Dorodere are so cunning, they can make their movements undetected by others, allowing them to move freely with their self-centered plans.

While the horrific carnage is not the Dorodere’s style, their gradual damage to one character after another makes them the most villainous of all the -Dere types. As mentioned, some Yanderes mature to a degree and gain redemption, but so far Dorodere are notorious for having no redeemable qualities and allowing their warped point of view to drive their heinous actions. While Yanderes justify their actions for the sake of another, Dorodere will always do so for their own selfish reasons.

Comparing these two archetypes, the Yandere is the lesser of two evils, as it doesn’t always mean being manipulative or harmful. Since the most important thing to a Yandere is the well-being of their love interest, many will stop their unsightly behavior if they see that they are causing harm to that person. Killing extremes aside, there are healthy traits of a Yandere. However, Dorodere will always cause harm to others without batting an eye – and sometimes it ends in irreversible damage or even death. The most frightening part of this -You type is how duplicitous they are in trying to deceive everyone they consider their enemies, which most likely includes their love interest.

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