Donald Glover Gets Spider-Man Movie; Pokemon Anime Reboot (NEWSLETTER)

Donald Glover Gets Spider-Man Movie;  Pokemon Anime Reboot (NEWSLETTER)

Fans of Donald Glover have had a monkey’s paw wish for Glover to be in a Spider-Man movie. Ash’s 25-year journey is over in the Pokemon anime.

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Donald Glover is getting a Spider-Man movie

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Fans of Donald Glover have been clamoring for him to play the web-slinger in a Spider-Man project since 2014, and Glover finally has a Spider-Man movie, but it’s not what you think.

The Hollywood Reporter has exclusively revealed that Glover will produce and star in a new Sony Spider-Man film based on the obscure villain Hypno-Hustler. The villain was created in the 1970s Spectacular Spider-Man series and is often considered one of Spidey’s most pathetic foes, but the lack of cultural baggage to the character combined with Glover’s talent gives hope that the project will be a great project.

Ash’s story ends in the Pokémon series

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A multi-generational story is finally over. The current season of Pokemon anime will be the last to feature main character Ash Ketchum, who has been on a 25-year journey to become the greatest Pokemon trainer. His journey started with the first release of popular Pokémon games in 1997.

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However, fans should not worry as the show will still run. Next season with new characters in a link to the latest games Scarlet and Violet.

Wednesday Season 2!

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Fans of Wednesday can rejoice, as the show is currently in the works for a season two following the massive debut of the Tim Burton-produced and Jenna Ortega-led series. The producers of the show are currently working on getting a writers’ room set up for the next season.

Two-decade Titanic mystery finally solved

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Fans have been arguing for years about the ending Titanic and the infamous door, and James Cameron has apparently had enough.

He just revealed that he’s making a mini-documentary (debuting in February) that has a science team testing the scenario to see if both characters could have survived the door (spoiler alert: they couldn’t!).

Henry Cavill Nail’s dream role in Warhammer 40000

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Henry Cavill, a self-proclaimed superfan of Warhammer 40000has signed on to executive produce and star in an adaptation of Warhammer 40000 series in the works at Amazon.

First Look: Barbie Trailer Revealed

The upcoming Barbie the film promises to be a film unlike any other in the series of films based on the popular children’s series, and the trailer certainly proves it. Only in cinemas on 21 July 2023.

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