DO | Love, as told by Anime and K-drama

DO |  Love, as told by Anime and K-drama

I’m breaking away from my regular articles this week to write about a topic that my column is no stranger to: love. Not true love, though. No, this week we’re talking about a far more picturesque and far less realistic form of love. A love found only in such masterpieces of television as Korean dramas and Japanese romance anime.

This past summer, in lieu of any major pre-professional commitments, I went on a short romantic anime trip. I spent my time clocking in to various streaming sites of questionable legality, ripping through shows like Toradora!, Oregairu, Horimiya, Komi can’t communicate and Kaguya-Sama: Love is War.

Over the summer, my family and I watched the breakout hit K-drama Lawyer extraordinaire Woo which, while not technically a romance show, has a romantic subplot that falls in line with many K-drama tropes. I wanted to even out the ratio of anime to K-drama for this column a bit, so I did too Twenty-five Twenty-onea coming-of-age romance drama that came out earlier this year.

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