Crunchyroll’s 2023 Anime Awards Announces Date, Categories

Crunchyroll’s 2023 Anime Awards Announces Date, Categories

For six years now, Crunchyroll has hosted its own anime awards show. One might ask what business an anime distributor has judging anime as a whole when they will obviously be biased against their own licenses…well, that was before Crunchyroll owned everything. Also for this event, the fans choose the winners, so previous shows that the Crunchyroll stream has NOT won awards.

Crunchyroll just announced when the 2023 AAs will take place: March 4th. And this year they will happen in Japan for the first time. “We are thrilled to celebrate the exceptional storytelling that has captured the hearts and minds of anime fans around the world,” said Rahul Purini, President of Crunchyroll. “We owe so much to the creators, artists and producers who delivered some of the most meaningful moments in global pop culture this past year.”

Voting isn’t open yet, nor have the nominees been revealed, but here are the categories that will be presented:

  • Anime of the Year – This is the show that sets the standard for anime in the past year, towering over all others. Its compelling story, beautiful artistic execution, unforgettable characters combine in a unique way to create a masterpiece that deserves unparalleled recognition. Whether the show was an unexpected hit, or delivered on fans’ high expectations, Anime of the Year represents absolute excellence.

  • Best Animation – Here we recognize anime that are visually stunning in the way they bring their stories to life. Regardless of the animation style, these shows provide a visual feast for viewers to enjoy, immersing audiences into previously unimaginable worlds.

  • Best Anime Song – This category recognizes a vocalist, instrumental, soloist, duo, group or collaborative recording performed during any part of an anime series. These are the songs that get stuck in your head, make you want to sing along, or give you a rush of emotion.

  • Best Character Design -. This category celebrates artists who have either created iconic anime characters or brought one to life from other sources such as manga or light novels. Thanks to their understanding of design principles, great character designers can tell a story from how someone is drawn, while the legendary ones create characters you recognize by their silhouette.

  • Best Comedy – Whether they catch you off guard with a unique point of view or the dialogue seems like it was crafted by a stand-up comedian, these are the shows that will have you laughing out loud and your side hurting by the end.

  • Best Continuing Series – Maintaining excellence is no small feat, especially when it comes to anime. Considering all the creativity, effort and planning that goes into one season, the ability to hold a fan’s attention year after year is worthy of celebration.

  • Best Director – To paraphrase Hayao Miyazaki, “An anime is a reflection of the director.” Of central importance, directors work behind the scenes, communicating their vision and imagination to animators, making critical decisions and managing the creative aspects of the production.

  • Best Fantasy – Best Fantasy is all about imagination, creativity and a bit of magic. These shows don’t just take us to other worlds, they create deep, original universes full of mythical creatures where even the smallest detail is driven by ideas previously unthinkable.

  • Best Movie – Here we celebrate non-episodic anime with running times longer than a standard episode, whether they were released in theaters, on DVD, or online. The best of the best live up to the hype, leaving fans wondering where the time went.

  • Best Original Anime – An original anime is not adapted from the source material; it is a completely unique creation. While that in itself is an achievement, these shows also present an impactful and entertaining story that elevates the title to another level.

  • Best Romance – A great romance can melt the heart of the coldest cynic. These captivating stories draw us in and remind us of the best things about being alive. With their hopeful messages, these shows find a way to make you believe in the power of love.

  • Best Score – An important part of an unforgettable anime is the original music composed for it. A well-crafted score adds another dimension of depth and emotion to any scene with compositions that are not only closely associated with an anime, but can also stand alone as masterpieces of music.

  • Presenter’s Choice – Crunchyroll has invited a special guest to present an award of their choice to an honored contributor. It’s an opportunity to recognize a person, studio or company for a variety of reasons, including celebrating a milestone, overcoming something daunting or achieving something inspiring. NOTE: This winner is determined by the special guest(s).

  • Special Achievement Award – This award serves to recognize an individual, studio or company (past or present) that has impacted the industry in a notable way. Without their contributions, anime would not be where it is today, so this award means reaching legendary status. NOTE: This winner is determined by an industry panel selected by the Crunchyroll team.

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In addition, further categories will be announced in the course of Crunchyroll’s global live streaming event for fans. The Seventh Annual 2023 Crunchyroll Anime Awards will be held in Tokyo on Saturday, March 4, 2023.

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