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Classic 1978 Godzilla Anime gets 2nd season on YouTube

Classic 1978 Godzilla Anime gets 2nd season on YouTube

1979 Godzilla anime’s second season is now available to stream for free on YouTube. It was released on June 6 via TOHO’s official channel. In August last year, TOHO began streaming season one of this classic anime.

The Godzilla anime was first released in 1979, with 13 episodes in each season. But remained a rare series that few people have seen in the last 40 years. The trailer for season two came out on TOHO’s official YouTube channel just four days before it started streaming.


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Most people know Godzilla from classic or modern live-action movies; he is after all one of Japan’s most celebrities. Few people know about Godzilla anime, which adds a whole new story to everyone’s favorite giant lizard monster. In fact, it was never released for home viewing after it premiered on television, and since 1979 was before live streaming sites, no one saw the one who did not see it at the time of release.

However, the modern world has changed that, making something forgotten and inaccessible available for everyone to enjoy again. It is likely that Godzilla anime will find an audience again, especially following in the heels of Godzilla Singular Point, an anime released globally on Netflix in June last year. It received generally positive reviews, showing that people are interested in more than just Godzilla live-action movies.

Some fans may not be familiar with the name TOHO unless they are really interested in Japanese cinema, but there is a large cinema chain in Japan – and the production company behind 32 Godzilla films, and helped shape modern sci-fi. TOHO’s mascot character is actually a cute, baby-like version of Godzilla known as “Chibi Godzilla”, and he shows up in most of their marketing.

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The large TOHO cinema in Shinjuku, Tokyo, is also known for having a large Godzilla head and hand on top of the building and has become a landmark for that neighborhood. So it is not a stroke of imagination to understand why TOHO are the ones who dig up this well-known fossil of an anime and bring it back into the public eye.

As a company, TOHO does a lot for Godzilla’s continued popularity, and he in turn does a lot for their brand building. There are many diehard Godzilla fans all over the world, and they are probably very excited to see the second season of the 1979 anime. For anyone else who is curious to see a rare, classic anime, it is worth checking out. Godzilla is here to stay, and this is a chance to catch up on old things as well.

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Godzilla (TV series from 1979) is currently being streamed on the TOHO YouTube channel.

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

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