City Hunter Manga Gets First Japanese Live-Action Movie For Netflix – News

City Hunter Manga Gets First Japanese Live-Action Movie For Netflix – News

Tsukasa Hojo‘s City hunter manga is the inspiration for a Japanese live-action movie that is planned to be streamed on Netflix worldwide in 2024. Ryōhei Suzuki (HK/Hentai Kamen, The Tokyo tribeTokyo MORE) stars such as Ryō Saeba, and Yūichi Satō (Kisaragifeature film Nōnai Poison Berry) directs.

While the manga has inspired live-action adaptations in Hong Kong, South Korea and France, this is the first City hunter film to be shot in the real streets of Tokyo’s Shinjuku ward. The film moves the setting from the late 20th century to modern times, but retains Saeba’s long coat from the manga, instead of the jacket seen in the anime adaptations. (The film turns the manga’s Balmacaan coat into a belted trench coat.)

Tatsuhiro Mishima (live-action Yu Yu Hakusho) writes scripts, and Yoshihide Otomo (INU-OH, Lupine Zero feature film orange) composes the music. Shinichi Takahashi is the executive producer, and Keisuke Sanpei and Kosuke Oshida are producing. Netflix produces in collaboration with HoriPro and Office Shirou.

Comix and Imagine‘s MangaHot app and website publish City hunter manga in english, and MangaHot describes the story:

Ryo Saeba, also known as City Hunter. A sweeper that meets all the customer’s needs. He’ll do anything from bodyguard to contract killing, but he’ll only take the job if a pretty woman is involved, or the client’s sincerity makes his heart tremble. Together with his partner Kaori Makimura, the kid sister of his deceased best friend, Ryo fights against the evil that haunts the shadows of the city!!

Hojo’s City hunter manga ran from 1985 to 1991 and has 35 volumes. The manga inspired four television anime series, an earlier anime film, and several video and television specials including a 2015 original anime DVD. ADV films released most of these anime projects in North America. The original anime premiered in April 1987. The City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes anime film opened in Japan in February 2019, and a new anime film will open in 2023.

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Discotheque Media announced its license of the original City hunter anime projects and the latest City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes film in April 2019. Crunchyroll streaming City hunter TV anime series, specials and movies.

Jackie Chan starred in a 1993 Hong Kong live-action film that very loosely adapts the original manga. A Korean live-action TV series adaptation premiered in 2011, and Hulu streamed this version in the US. A French live-action film adaptation opened in France in February 2019. A separate Chinese live-action film adaptation has been given the green light in China.

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