Chainsaw Man’s Manga Gets Voice Trailer Celebrating Anime’s Success

Chainsaw Man’s Manga Gets Voice Trailer Celebrating Anime’s Success

Chainsaw Man manga imprint Jump Comics collects the hit anime adaptation’s most memorable quotes in a striking, stylish new trailer.

Jump Comics shook Chainsawmanits successful first season and teased the next with an original voice trailer.

The video, posted on the manga imprint’s official YouTube account, takes fan-favorite quotes from the anime and places them over their original manga artwork. Each line is accompanied by the chapter number and page number in which it first appeared, allowing viewers to trace the origin of each quotable moment. The video collage highlights not only the memorable dialogue of the series, but also the talents of the anime’s voice actors, who brought the characters to life with their performances throughout Season 1.

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Not everyone is happy with the chainsaw man anime

While fan and critical reception of Chainsawman anime has been mostly positive, the series has taken some flak from Japanese fans of the manga. A petition on called for one Chainsawman reboot, claiming that the anime contains poor voice acting and low-quality animation and is generally an unfaithful take on the source material. Fans of the anime were quick to defend MAPPA’s adaptation, particularly director RyĆ« Nakayama, who has been both celebrated and derided for taking a cinematic approach to the series.

Despite the huge success Chainsawman Season 1 slice-of-life anime Bocchi the Rock recently overtook it as the most popular series on air in a shocking poll. Critics have also cited some dips in form over the course of the anime run, including a disappointing attempt at visual horror in episode 9, while Blu-ray and DVD sales have reportedly come in lower than expected, putting some blemishes on a otherwise a strong start for MAPPA’s adaptation.

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The new voiceover trailer from Jump Comics ends with a brief image of Reze, a character from Chainsawman manga that will be unfamiliar to anime fans. While MAPPA has yet to announce a second season of the anime, episode 12 teased a new character in its final moments, fueling speculation that the series may return in the near future. Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga is still going strong, having recently reached its 115th chapter, and MAPPA still has a lot of history to cover if the studio is to continue the adaptation.

Meanwhile, Season 1 of the Chainsawman is available for streaming on Crunchyroll, while much more manga and anime content is available to watch on Jump Comics’ YouTube channel.

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