Chainsaw Man anime’s first ever super scene leaves audience disappointed with minor announcements at Jump Festa 2023

Chainsaw Man anime’s first ever super scene leaves audience disappointed with minor announcements at Jump Festa 2023

Jump Festa 2023 was the first time one Chainsawman the anime panel took the stage and it was met with resounding applause. Alongside live voice acting, the stage presented information about upcoming Chainsawman projects and messages from the artists who have sung the closing theme songs.

Although no new news about the anime’s second course was revealed, the first panels from the upcoming one were Chainsawman chapter 114 was shown to the readers. Unlike last year’s Festa scene, while this year’s stage was more central and colorful, the information revealed left the fandom a little unhappy.

Chainsaw Man Super Stage Reveals Details On Upcoming Showcase And Pages From Chapter 114 At Jump Festa 2023

The Chainsawman the panel took the stage at 15:35 JST on December 18 and consisted of Toya Kikunosuke, Sogo Sakata, Tomori Kusunoki and Ai Fairouz, who play Denji, Aki, Makima and Power respectively. After the greeting, each panelist shared their favorite scenes with the audience. The scene then showed the ending theme songs from the 10 episodes that have aired so far.

Chainsawman the anime uses a new ending theme for each episode during its first run, which consists of 12 episodes. The two remaining artists, Eve and Queen Bee, who sang Battle song and Violence, respectively sent two written messages which the panelists read out. Both artists thanked the audience and the creators for the opportunity and stressed that they did not know whether their songs would be used for episode 11 or episode 12.

After this the announcements, meager as they were, were made. The Chainsawman exhibition will take place in Tokyo on February 24, 2023. The panel also announced that Chainsaw Man volume 13 will go on sale on January 4, 2023. The highlight of the event was the sneak peek of chapter 114, which will be published on December 21 at 12 JST. The first page was shown, where Asa and Denji are seen trying to navigate the infinite aquarium after the Eternal Devil’s intervention.

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The stage came to a conclusion with the four cast members performing live some scenes from episodes 3 and 4, to the delight of the audience. Power’s arrival in the Hayakawa household was one of the most prominent. In the final segment, Kikunosuke read Mangaka Tatsuki Fujimoto’s letter aloud.

The first page of chapter 114 (Image via Shueisha)
The first page of chapter 114 (Image via Shueisha)

Roughly paraphrased, it said that the later part of the first course revolves around Himeno, leaving traces of her existence in Aki’s life in the same way she did in Fujimoto’s. He hopes that the audience will connect with Aki on that feeling as that is what he was going for when he wrote the manga. He rarely goes back to read what he’s written once he’s done with it, but the anime has brought back some memories.

He doesn’t know how popular the anime is, but he’s enjoying it immensely and hopes the fans are too. After this, each of the four panelists thanked the audience and viewers as the stage drew to a close. They once again reminded everyone of the new items available courtesy of the Jump Festa event.

Final thoughts

Can’t believe it’s been a year for another Chainsaw Man Jump Festa and the content there has been since the last one.

Compared to last year’s Jump Festa event, where part 2 of the manga was announced, this year’s stage did not reveal any new information. Many fans had been hoping for some news regarding the anime’s second run, since the first will end on December 27th. Hopefully, some new information about this issue will be revealed soon.

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