Bocchi the Rock surpasses the chainsaw man and becomes the 2nd top-rated anime in autumn 2022

Bocchi the Rock surpasses the chainsaw man and becomes the 2nd top-rated anime in autumn 2022

With the popularity that Bocchi the Rock have been enjoying for the past few weeks, it’s no surprise to see the series peak as one of the top-rated anime of Fall 2022. However, the shock comes when fans notice that the anime has managed to surpass Tatsuki Fujimoto’s popular franchise, Chainsawman.

Chainsawman having a terrible time on MyAnimeList. The series previously managed to rank second on the Top Anime site. However, it was soon review-bombed Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood fans, because of this, the ranking of the anime dropped to 13th place in just two days.

With the fall 2022 anime season almost coming to a close, it seems that the final rankings for the season are destined to remain the same as they are.

Bocchi the Rock will be the highest-ranked non-sequel anime of Fall 2022 on MyAnimeList

While Aki Hamajis Bocchi the Rock is still ranked 25th on the overall Top Anime site, it has managed to surpass Chainsawman as the second top-rated anime of the fall 2023 anime season.

Featuring today’s top rated anime Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War on the list, Bocchi the Rock fans can be happy that their anime has now become the highest-rated non-sequel anime of Fall 2022, a position previously held by MAPPA’s Chainsawman.

Power and Denji as seen in the Chainsaw Man anime (Image via MAPPA)
Power and Denji as seen in the Chainsaw Man anime (Image via MAPPA)

With only one episode left to air Bocchi the Rock and two episodes of chainsawman, it seems that the ranking battle is set to be drawn out until the last day when Chainsawman will air its finale on December 28, 2022. Even if the ratings were to change later, coming in second place as the top-rated non-sequel anime of the season is also a valuable milestone for producers and fans to celebrate.

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“After all, rock beats ‘scissors'”: Anime Twitteratis react to the latest ratings of Bocchi the Rock and Chainsawman

Otakus were quick to celebrate Bocchi the Rocktheir milestone as they were delighted that the show was getting the recognition it deserved in the industry. Previously, anime had been overshadowed by other series that aired this season. However, it has managed to rise through the ranks slowly and steadily.

Fans of the series were convinced that the anime should be ranked higher, but they were aware Chainsawman and MAPPA haters who have review-bombed the anime, give Bocchi the Rock some leverage to eventually be ranked higher. The jokes about the same also caught the attention of many users as one fan tweeted how it was understandable that Bocchi the Rock wanted to beat Chainsawman as “rock beats ‘scissors'” (scissors are compared to chainsaws).

@myanimelist Bocchi deserves it and even higher rating, the said chainsaw has a lot of haters and folder haters who create account Just to give it a low score l

@myanimelist Mid overtaking mid isn’t much to talk about lmao

Meanwhile, other fans on Twitter started mocking the anime’s fans, claiming that they were just trolls trying to shut down good anime by giving them comments like “average”, “overrated”, “trash”, etc. Chainsawman fans were outraged that MAPPA’s efforts were not recognized since they provided a brand new ending in each episode by collaborating with top artists from the Japanese music industry.

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Additionally, the love and care the studio has given to some of the scenes goes far beyond any anime that has come out this season. Even though, Chainsawman got the hate as many otakus dislike MAPPA and their use of CGI. On the other hand, there were a few fans who considered both the anime series to be irrelevant and that it had nothing to hype about.

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