Bocchi the Rock beats Chainsaw as the most popular anime currently airing

Bocchi the Rock beats Chainsaw as the most popular anime currently airing

While the action-packed anime Chainsaw Man is a huge hit, a much more light-hearted anime is taking an unexpected lead in popularity ratings.

Bocchi the Rock have beaten Chainsawman in popularity in an online ranking of currently airing anime.

Anime Senpai reported on MyAnimeList’s anime streaming popularity rankings. A while, Bleachits current arc and Chainsawman was in competition for the top spot. But, Bocchi the Rock knock out Chainsawman for second place with a difference of 0.01 points. At the time of writing, Bocce has now risen a little further with a score of 8.85. Since MAL is a popular site for anime fans to log their viewing habits, the rankings are an accurate illustration of current trends.

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By the time MAPPA announced their adaptation of Chainsawman, the manga was already very popular. The production studio MAPPA is behind other huge hits such as Attack on Titanhis final season and Jujutsu Kaisenso fans were very much waiting for their next anime adaptation. On on the other hand, Bocchi was more obscure, especially among Western audiences.

Anime fans expressed their surprise

In terms of content, the two series are extremely different. Chainsawman is an ultra-violent shonen series, while Bocchi the Rock is a light-hearted life anime about girls in a rock band. Action driven shonen series, like Bleachtend to dominate online rankings, so it was no surprise when Chainsawman exploded in popularity. A comical, cute anime that is light on action was shocking to fans to see so highly rated. Japanese social media users expressed surprise at the ratings, commenting that “it wouldn’t be something you see more than once.”

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Anime at opposite ends of the genre spectrum

Chainsawman follows the protagonist Denji, a young man who enters into a contract with a devil and is given the ability to turn his body parts into chainsaws. He takes on a superhero-like persona and joins an agency of devil hunters with the mission of protecting Japan from demonic harm. The series is dark and violent, but balances the dark parts with a lot of humor. Fans and critics alike have praised the manga for its characters and world-building.

Bocchi the Rock plays a girl named Hitori “Bocchi” Goto, who is introverted and socially awkward. However, she is skilled in playing the guitar and passionate about music. Another girl named Nijika convinces her to join a band, and despite the group’s first performance going badly, they remain determined. The series follows the girls in a slice-of-life format.

Both series are currently airing and licensed by Crunchyroll.

Source: Anime Senpai

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